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Use DJI Terra to capture, analyze and visualize your environment. DJI Terra is an easy to use mapping software developed to help you transform your drone data into digital assets.

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    Streamline Your Operational Workflows

    If you’re just starting out with drone mapping then look no further than DJI Terra, designed to help you create detailed 2D and 3D visuals from the data collected by your drone.

    DJI Terra offers unparalleled efficiency and user experience by allowing you to bulk import images and employ multiple graphics cards simultaneously all within its intuitively designed interface.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Our industry expert James Pick recently capture this stunning data using the Phantom 4 RTK and processed it in using DJI Terra. It’s almost a digital twin!

This original manor house was lost to fire in 1761 and finally demolished in the 1950’s. What remains is a magnificent Grade I listed gatehouse that dates back to the early 13th century. It’s important that we preserve these ancient monuments by capturing them for life in a digital sense. James used a Phantom 4 RTK drone to quickly capture the data then processed it using DJI Terra Pro.

Check out the data set example below to understand the capabilities of DJI Terra combined with Phantom 4 RTK as a professional drone mapping solution.

Here is another data set example using data collected by the Phantom 4 RTK and processed in DJI Terra by James Pick. The data captured is of Tupholme Abbey in Lincoln.

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