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DJI Enterprise Shield

DJI Enterprise Shield was specially created to provide comprehensive protection for your DJI Enterprise products.

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    Product Details

    DJI Enterprise Shield was specially created to provide comprehensive protection for your DJI Enterprise products. Offering coverage options with unlimited replacements or free repair services for accidental damage such as crashing, water damage, or signal interference. This efficient and total accident protection service provides greater peace of mind for your entire DJI fleet.

    Choose from the two plans provided by Enterprise Shield based on your flight needs, and enjoy work-saving flight care.


    Enterprise Shield Basic


    Two Free Replacements

    Two product replacements for damaged DJI drones and payloads (with the exception of XT and XT2) covered by the plan within the one-year coverage period, at a small corresponding fixed fee.

    Two-way ground shipping

    Free two-way ground shipping is used when sending products in for replacement.

    Reliable replacements 

    Replacement products issued under Enterprise Shield Basic meet new product performance and reliability standards.


    Enterprise Shield Plus


    Water Damage Coverage

    Replace/Repair your aircraft even if it’s water damaged. Replacement/Repair units are also provided for: Crash Damage, Signal Interference, and User Error.

    Free and Overnight Delivery

    When using the Enterprise Shield Plus Service, DJI will cover all shipping costs, helping users to enjoy an optimal replacement/repair experience.

    Unlimited Free Replacements

    Unlimited free replacement/repair for aircraft will be provided with Enterprise Shield’s coverage available

    Shared Coverage for your Fleet

    An unlimited number of products bought and activated at the same time can be added to your Enterprise Shield account, increasing the total coverage pool.


    Enterprise Shield Comparison

    Enterprise Shield Basic Enterprise Shield Plus Enterprise Shield Customisable
    Sharing Service N/A Yes Customisable
    Number of replacements Low Unlimited Customisable
    Replacement fee At a low price Free Customisable
  • Pricing

    Purchase Requirements:

    To purchase Enterprise Shield Plus Service your product must be:

    ● Brand new unactivated aircraft

    ● Aircraft with activation time within 72 hours

    ● Aircraft that repair by DJI (within 72 hours of receiving the purchase notification message after the repair is completed)

    Your product must also meet all of the following items at the same time to purchase Enterprise Shield Plus Renew Service:

    ● Purchased the Enterprise Shield Plus Service Before

    ● The Enterprise Shield Plus Service has not expired

    ● At least 30% of the Enterprise Shield Plus coverage amount is left for each aircraft.

    ● 30% or more of the single protection limit of the original worry-free version of the original industry

    Note: If the aircraft is in good condition but doesn’t meet the purchase requirements, you can contact for more information


    Product Coverage Amount Price
    Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom – Plus £1,020 £419
    Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom – Plus Renew £1,020 £539
    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual – Plus £1,400 £569
    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual – Plus Renew £1,400 £719
    Matrice 600 Pro – Plus £2,800 £1,139
    Matrice 600 Pro – Plus Renew £2,800 £1,499
    Phantom 4 Multispectral – Plus £2,880 £1,179
    Phantom 4 Multispectral – Plus Renew £2,880 £1,499
    Phantom 4 RTK – Plus £2,740 £1,119
    Phantom 4 RTK – Plus Renew £2,740 £1,459
    Matrice 200 V2 – Plus £2,630 £1,359
    Matrice 200 V2 – Plus Renew £2,630 £1,559
    Matrice 210 V2 – Plus £3,710 £1,699
    Matrice 210 V2 – Plus Renew £3,710 £2,059
    Matrice RTK V2 – Plus £5,380 £2,199
    Matrice RTK V2 – Plus Renew £5,380 £2,899
    Zenmuse Z30 – Plus £2,160 £449
    Zenmuse Z30 – Plus Renew £2,160 £569
    XT2 – Plus £14,910 £3,159
    XT2 – Plus Renew £14,910 £3,999
  • Products supported

    Enterprise Shield covers a wide range of DJI Enterprise drones, gimbals and cameras, providing you with the perfect professional protection solution for your fleet. For details about the supported product models, please contact your local enterprise dealer.

    • Matrice 200 series
    • Matrice 210 series
    • Matrice 600 Pro
    • Matrice 300 RTK
    • Phantom 4 RTK
    • P4 Multispectral
    • Mavic 2 Enterprise Series
    • Zenmuse XT
    • Zenmuse XT2
    • Zenmuse Z30
    • Zenmuse X4S
    • Zenmuse X5S
    • Zenmuse H20
    • Zenmuse H20T
  • What is the difference between Enterprise Shield Basic and Enterprise Shield Plus?

    1) Number of replacements: A maximum of two replacements are provided for one year for Enterprise Shield Basic. Unlimited number of replacements for one year within the guaranteed coverage amount are provided for owners of Enterprise Shield Plus.

    2) Replacement fee: Enterprise Shield Basic requires a separate fee paid for two replacements, while replacements for Enterprise Shield Plus are provided free of charge.

    3) Logistics service: Enterprise Shield Plus replacement service provides overnight delivery, while Enterprise Shield Basic provides free land freight.

    4) Additional services: There are no additional services for Enterprise Shield Basic. Free use of a backup device is available for Enterprise Shield Plus.

    5) Shared coverage: Coverage amount can be shared between different models for Enterprise Shield Plus. Coverage cannot be shared under Enterprise Shield Basic.

    6) Service mode: Under Enterprise Shield Basic, two paid replacement services will be provided to coverage owners. Under Enterprise Shield Plus, free repair and unlimited replacement services within the limit of the coverage amount are available to coverage owners.

    7) Coverage: For Enterprise Shield Plus, a fee equivalent to the damage assessment cost for the original product is deducted from the coverage amount. Under Enterprise Shield Basic, the coverage amount is not used for deduction.

  • What kind of drone or payloads are eligible for DJI Enterprise Shield?

    If your drone or payloads meet any of the following conditions, you can purchase DJI Enterprise Shield:

    1. Brand-new drone or payload that is not activated.
    2. Drone or payloads activated for less than 72 hours.
    3. Repaired in an official DJI Service Center and within 72 hours of receiving an email invitation.(Please contact to inquire about the inspection process.)

  • If I have two drones and buy DJI Enterprise Shield for both of them, can their coverage amount be shared?

    If you have purchased, activated, and bound Enterprise Shield Plus with several drones at the same time, you can choose whether to share the coverage amount or not.

    1) Under Enterprise Shield Basic, the number of replacements for multiple drones or payloads cannot be shared.
    2) If you have only one DJI drone and purchase Enterprise Shield Plus, the coverage amount cannot be shared with other drones not purchased and bound to Enterprise Shield Plus.
    3) The coverage amount sharing service of Enterprise Shield Plus is only available for drones or payloads that the Enterprise Shield Plus coverage plan is purchased, activated, and bound with at the time of purchase. Coverage amounts cannot be shared in any other case.

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