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Typhon DS-100

The Typhon DS100 is designed for military or police use for tactical operations. It integrates seamlessly with the Sky Hero Loki 2 or the Parrot ANAFI USA. Various options are available for deployment and effect and they are all below a maximum weight limit of 100 grams.

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    Product Details

    The latest non-lethal distraction device that military services across the UK need to add to their fleet 

    The Typhon DS100SH distraction payload is specifically designed to be integrated onto the Sky-Hero LOKI MK2 sUAS platform, along with the Parrot ANAFI USA. System weight and complexity is kept to a minimum for ease of installation / operation. Typhon is primarily designed for military, professional public security and offender management markets. Applications include covert operations, counter terrorism, law enforcement, close protection, aviation and maritime.

    Key Features 

    The overall payload weight (including distraction cartridge) is below 140 grams.

    Typhon DS100 is split into two modules, one for control and one for effect. This system can be initiated with a closed contact signal or a positive/negative trigger supplied from any wired or wireless control system.

    The DS100 can be configured for either a single event or to initial a pre-programmed salvo of events from the controlling system when commanded. The setup is performed via a USB connected graphical interface, prior to any operation or deployment


Introducing the Typhon Distract

Designed to take police and military operations to the next level.

Meet Sam Denniff 

Business Development Manager – Public Safety

Sam is our in-house UAV expert for public safety within military, police, fire and search & rescue organisations. Sam has supported the supply of integrated drone solutions to some of the UK’s largest and most pioneering emergency service organisations including Devon & Cornwall Police, Ministry of Defence, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Leicester Police and Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Public Safety

  • Police – Quickly assess a situation and plan accordingly while improving officer and bystander safety

  • Fire – Fight fires and save lives without endangering personnel


  • Military – Act quickly to distract enemy – improving safety and speed of mission
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