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LiDAR USA Revolution 120

Weighing in at only 1.73kg, The Revolution 120 is a lightweight and cost-effective LiDAR payload, capable of capturing dense & accurate point clouds quickly.


cost-effective and easy to use. Start surveys with just a click of a button on your smartphone.

‘For a limited time, the package is available for under £25,000’

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    Product Details

    The LiDAR ScanLook Revolution provides a great entry point in terms of cost and accuracy. When 2-4cm accuracy is within specified tolerances, these lidar units are a survey must. These sensors are ideal for a whole range of survey related tasks and are compatible with the ever-popular DJI M200 series drone.

    The Revolution weight ranges from 1kg to 1.6kg and has been rigorously tested for balance and performance with real-world environments.
    It is suitable for the following applications:

    • Topographic Surveying
    • Archaeology
    • Encroachment Survey
    • Volume calculation of stockpiles
    • Coastline Management

    The Revolution series includes a choice of Lidar sensors from the Velodyne Puck, to the Cepton Sora 200 and Quanergy.

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    Data capture specs:

    • 200+ points per square meter
    • AGL 100-120M
    • 100+ Acres in one flight
    • 3.8 cm @ 50M AGL

    Dimensions / Weight:

    • 3.5 inches tall
    • 11.75 inches long
    • 4.375 inches wide
    • Weight ~1.73kg
    • 10-30VDC
    • 25 Watts


    • External Storage (500mb to 1TB)
    • Internal Storage (500mg)



  • Software

    • Generate trajectory in UTM coordinates
    • LAS/LAZ/E57 and other file format outputs
    • Point cloud filtering
    • Control point adjustment tool
    • Coordinate measurement update tool
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