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LiDAR Snoopy A-Series

The LiDAR Snoopy A-Series is a smaller, evolved version of LidarUSA’s original Snoopy system.

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    Product Details

    The LiDAR Snoopy A-Series offers two LiDAR drone sensors:
    • Puck & Puck LITE
    • HDL-32E

    Snoopy A-Series is a smaller, evolved version of LidarUSA’s original Snoopy system. This is a multi-vehicle configurable solution with increased accuracy. The A-Series is light-weight and easy to use. With just a click of a button on your smartphone, you can scan over the edge of a boat, the front of a motorcycle, the belly of a drone, the back of a car, the side of a train, the possibilities are endless.

    However, if you want something a little more powerful, then the HDL-32E offers:

    • A greater degree of accuracy (+/- 2cm)
    • 40-degree vertical FOV (25 degrees more than the Puck & Puck LITE)
    • Twice as many lasers (32 as opposed to 16)
    • It shoots in 700,000 points per second (400,000 more than the Puck & Puck LITE)

    It is suitable for the following applications:

    An example of a Colourised UAV LiDAR Point Cloud from the HDL-32E.

    Free Handover Day with your LiDAR Snoopy A-Series


    • Dimensions: 3.5 diameters by 11.75 long (inches)
    • Weight: 2kg
    • Power Consumption: 25 Watts
    • Voltage Input: 10-30VDC


    • IMU/Sensor: LiDAR USA INS and Velodyne Puck VPL-16 Laser
    • Weight: 1.8kg
    • Deployment Type: UAV/CAR/BOAT
    • Resolution cm: 3
    • Range Accuracy: 3 to 4cm
    • Range: 100m
    • 100K pts/sec: 3
    • Lines/sec: 20(320)
    • Number of Lasers: 16
    • Horizontal FOV: 30
    • Vertical FOV: 360 degrees
    • Number of Returns: 2
    • Handover Day: Included


    • IMU/Sensor: LiDAR USA INS and Velodyne HDL-32 Laser
    • Weight: 2.4kg
    • Deployment Type: UAV/CAR/BOAT
    • Resolution cm: 2
    • Range Accuracy: 1.5cm – 2cm
    • Range: 100m
    • 100K pts/sec: 7
    • Lines/sec: 20(640)
    • Number of Lasers: 32
    • Horizontal FOV: 41
    • Vertical FOV: 360 degrees
    • Number of Returns: 2
    • Handover Day: Included
  • Software

    • Generate trajectory in any coordinates
    • LAS/LAZ/E57 and other file format outputs
    • Point cloud filtering
    • ​Strip-to-Strip
    • Control point adjustment tool
    • Coordinate measurement update tool
  • FAQ's

    What is LiDAR?

    Light Detection and Ranging is used to detect and measure the distance of an object or surface from an optical source. LiDAR differs from photogrammetry in that photogrammetry uses passive light and LiDAR employs an active laser system. LiDAR yields an intensity with the XYZ data to provide a black and white-like image.

    Who are LiDAR USA?

    They are a team of mobile mapping pioneers who build and create custom LiDAR solutions, such as the Snoopy A-Series, for collecting from the ground, water, and air.

Watch: Introducing the Snoopy A Series with the VLP 16


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