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FLIR Vue Pro R

The FLIR Vue Pro R is an aerial thermal camera designed to be easily integrated into your existing UAV, providing you with the ability to provide thermal imaging capabilities as part of your UAV operations.

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    Product Details

    The FLIR Vue Pro R is an aerial thermal camera designed to be easily integrated into your existing UAV, providing you with the ability to provide thermal imaging capabilities as part of your UAV operations. The FLIR Vue Pro R has revolutionised the industry, making the cost of delivering aerial thermal imaging affordable for today’s commercial drone operations.

    Built by FLIR, the world leaders in thermal imaging technology, the FLIR Vue Pro R provides high-sensitivity thermal imaging at 640/30 fps or 336/30 fps depending on the camera model. Integration into your existing UAV is simple via a convenient power in/video out connection over a 10-pin mini-USB.

    FLIR Vue Pro R gives you in-flight control of two camera functions through direct PWM connections, and its MAVLink compatibility makes it ready for the easy image stitching required for mapping, survey, and precision agriculture applications. Plus, it’s compatible with Pix4Dmapper right out of the box.

    The convenient mobile app makes pre-flight camera set-up and configuration quick and easy so you won’t have to drag a computer out to your flying site just in case you need to change a camera setting.

    The FLIR Vue Pro R is suitable for a host of aerial thermal imaging applications including:

    • Roof inspections
    • Powerline inspections
    • Substation inspections
    • Telephone mast inspections
    • Search and rescue
    • Precision agriculture
    • Security
    • Surveying

    Onboard Recording

    Vue Pro records 8-bit digital video in MJPEG or H.264 formats and 14-bit still imagery to a removable micro-SD card so you won’t lose any of your data to transmission loss. Imagery is saved to the micro-SD card and can be retrieved either from the card or by plugging the camera into a USB cable, where your computer will see it as a storage device.

    MAVLink Integration & Camera Control

    The FLIR Vue Pro R’s Accessory Port connection gives you access to MAVLink commands camera controls over PWM commands, so you can select colour palettes, start and stop recording, or trigger the camera’s e-zoom in-flight from your radio controller. If MAVLink is enabled, two camera controls are available; without MAVLink you can control up to four camera controls.

    Easy to Configure

    Vue Pro comes with a built-in, low-power Bluetooth module, so you can easily configure your camera with our custom iOS or Android apps before you take off. Change colour palettes, set your image optimization features, configure your PWM inputs, and start recording all without lugging a computer to the field.

    Power & HDMI Video Module

    An optional accessory, the Power/Video Module makes Vue Pro R easier to integrate than ever. Its 10-pin mini-USB connector accepts a much wider span of input power – from 5 to 28 VDC – and provides reverse polarity protection. This connector still provides analog video output and gives you access to the camera’s on-board storage like any other USB device.

    Its micro-HDMI connector outputs HDMI video that is compatible with digital drone airborne systems like DJI Lightbridge and 3DR Solo, making full digital downlink of thermal video a breeze. All this in a package that’s only 11 mm thick and weighs 15 grams.



      • Spectral Band: 7.5 – 13.5 μm
      • Frame Rates: 7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)
      • Size: 2.48″ × 1.75″ x 1.75″ (63 × 44.4 x 44.4 mm) (including lens)
      • Weight: 3.25-4 oz (92.1 – 113.4 g) (configuration dependent)
      • Precision Mountint Holes: Two M2x0.4 on each of two sides &  bottom. One 1/4-20 threaded hole on top
      • Image Optimization for sUAS: Yes
      • Digital Detail Enhancement: Yes – Adjustable in App.
      • Scene Presets & Image Processing: – Yes – Adjustable in App
      • Invertable Image: Yes – Adjustable in App
      • Color Palettes: Yes – Adjustable in App and via PWM
      • Zoom: Yes – Adjustable in App and via PWM
      • Input Voltage: 4.8 – 6.0 VDC
      • Power Dissipation (peak): 2.1 W (3.9 W)
      • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C
      • Non-Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +95°C
      • Operational Altitude: +40,000 feet


    • Thermal Camera
    • Camera Mount
    • Bench Cable
    • MicroSD Card
    • Accessory Cable
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  • FAQs

    How can I mount the FLIR Vue Pro R?

    Vue has a number of different mounting options.

    First, there are two M2x0.4 threaded mounting holes the camera’s left side, right side, and bottom (note that the mounting screws are not included).

    There is also a ¼-20 threaded insert in the top of the camera housing.

    Finally, a lens mount can be installed to allow the camera to be mounted with GoPro-compatible mounts. See the Vue User Guide, which is available on the downloads tab above, for more details on installing this mount.

    Users can take advantage of any of these mounting options to either hard-mount or gimbal-mount the Vue.

    What are the FLIR Vue’s power and video connections?

    Vue has a 10-pin mini-USB connector that you can use to supply the camera with 5VDC power and get its analogue video signal out. This connector has the same pinout as the GoPro 3/4 cables you can find from most leading drone supply and FPV retailers, so using one of those makes integration quite easy.

    How can I use FLIR Vue in a firefighting mission?

    The FLIR Vue can be very effective at seeing through smoke, allowing incident commanders to keep track pf personnel and vehicles when they would otherwise be blinded by dense smoke. It can also be used to find residual hot spots around a fire area after the fire itself has been contained. Because the maximum specified scene temperature for Vue and Vue Pro is +135 ºC (+275 ºF) the image may become saturated when viewing an active fire. The Pro R is calibrated for scene temperatures up to +550 ºC (1,022 ºF).

    What payment options are available for the FLIR Vue Pro R?

    We accept the following payment methods:

    Debit/Credit cards via Sagepay
    Debit/Credit cards and Paypal transactions via PayPal
    Pro forma Invoice
    30 Days Invoice depending on credit check result
    Flexible 0% finance.

    Buy online or call the COPTRZ team on 0330 111 7177


Simple Integration

Add high-quality thermal imaging capabilities to your existing UAV.

See the FLIR Vue Pro R In Action

Watch the full-featured video of the FLIR Vue Pro R.

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