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Emesent Hovermap ST

Hovermap ST enables the collection of vital data in previously unreachable places thanks to its IP65 weather-sealed, durable, and lightweight design. Indoors or outdoors, above or below ground, Hovermap ST may be simply converted from a handheld scanner to a drone, vehicle, backpack, or pole, giving the adaptability required to capture data everywhere.

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    Product Details

    Collect accurate LiDAR data for as-builts, surveys, or inspections

    Introducing the Emesent Hovermap ST-X

    Hovermap ST’s world-leading SLAM technology and Emesent’s Automated Group Control feature allows you to capture dense, shadowless, survey-grade point clouds.

    The sleek, rugged design makes it simple to handle on walking scans and extends flight time when mounted on a drone.

    The rugged, weather sealed design facilitates use in harsh conditions, removing dust, rain, snow and extreme temperatures as barriers to job completion.

    Tap-to-fly autonomy function facilitates the mapping of formerly unreachable areas beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). The omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, Guided Exploration, and intelligent Return-to-Home capabilities ensure that Hovermap ST maintains a safe distance from assets and securely returns home with the acquired data.

    Key Features of the Emesent Hovermap:

    ✓ SLAM-based 3D mapping

    ✓ Omnidirectional collision avoidance

    ✓ GPS-denied flight

    ✓ Robust, autonomous mapping capability

    ✓ IP65 weather-sealed

    ✓ Live streamed point cloud

    ✓ Portable, lightweight and versatile

    ✓ Additional insights with new ‘true colour’ colourisation feature

    ✓ Detailed scans, however complex the asset or terrain