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Parazero SafeAir Mavic 3

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  • Autonomous Drone Safety System
  • Monitors Flight Parameters
  • Triggers Safety Actions

Parazero SafeAir Mavic 3


Parazero SafeAir: Premium Drone Safety System

The SafeAir system is of industrial grade, offering a level of reliability that matches those found in commercial aviation systems, ensuring that your drone operations are as safe as possible.

Equip your drones with Parazero’s Premium Drone Safety System.

The ParaZero SafeAir for the DJI Mavic 3 offers a range of benefits that enhance the safety and efficiency of your drone operations.

Autonomous Triggering

The system is equipped with autonomous capabilities that can identify a loss of control in the drone’s operation. In such instances, the system decides on the recovery process, ensuring the safety of the drone and its surroundings.

Low Altitude Capabilities

The SafeAir Mavic 3 is designed to handle emergencies even at low altitudes. The combination of autonomous triggering capabilities and the SafeAir parachute system enables safe emergency recovery, protecting your drone and its payload.

Mechanical Flight Termination System

In the event of a critical failure, the system stops the rotors to prevent parachute entanglement and mitigate the risk of laceration injuries. This ensures the safety of bystanders and the protection of the drone equipment and payload.

Black Box

The SafeAir Mavic 3 features a black box that stores collected data. This data can be used for post-deployment analysis, providing valuable insights into the drone’s operations and any anomalies that may have occurred.

Easy to Repack and Reuse by the Operator

The system is designed for easy repacking and reuse by the operator, ensuring that you can quickly get your drone back in the air after a safety event.

Lightweight, Sleek and Smart Design

With its lightweight, sleek, and smart design, the SafeAir Mavic 3 is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It integrates seamlessly with your DJI Mavic Pro series and Mavic 2 series drones, enhancing their capabilities without compromising on their design.


ParaZero’s SafeAir stands out as a premium product for reliable and effective solutions in all drone emergency scenarios.

  • The system is specifically designed to safeguard your payload, ensuring its protection in any eventuality.
  • With its user-friendly design, the SafeAir system can be easily installed and integrated within just 10 minutes, offering a plug and play experience.
  • The system is equipped with automatic triggering of safety measures during emergencies or freefall, providing immediate response when needed.
  • Users can access data logs from the black box via a desktop application, allowing for detailed post-flight analysis.
  • The package includes all necessary components for mounting and installation, ensuring you have everything you need to get started.
  • The SafeAir system is of industrial grade, offering a level of reliability that matches those found in commercial aviation systems. This ensures that your drone operations are as safe as possible.

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