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{"sku":"FLIR_Vue_TZ20_R_UAS_Payload","price":7154,"name":"FLIR VUE TZ20-R UAS Payload with 20X Zoom","brand":"FLIR","category":"Payloads & Attachments"}

FLIR VUE TZ20-R UAS Payload with 20X Zoom

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Crafted in the USA, the FLIR Vue TZ20-R is a thermal-zoom accessory for DJI V2 Matrice 200 and 300 drones. It lets pilots see thermal details, making their drones more useful for longer. With two Boson® cameras, it offers clearer zoom and an impressive 20x zoom feature compared to other models.

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FLIR VUE TZ20-R UAS Payload with 20X Zoom

£7,154.00 Excl. VAT

Get More From Your DJI Matrice with the Vue TZ20-R

The radiometric Vue TZ20-R thermal-zoom drone payload enables DJI V2 Matrice 200 series and 300 pilots to see and measure thermal details, increasing the value and extending the lifetime of their drone fleet.

Airframe Capatibility

DJI V2 Matrice 200-series and Matrice 300

Ground Control

DJI Pilot App

Vue TZ20-R: The Ultimate Thermal-Zoom Drone Accessory

Made in the USA Excellence

Crafted with precision in the USA, the Vue TZ20-R radiometric thermal-zoom is tailored for DJI V2 Matrice 200 series and 300 pilots. Dive deep into thermal details, boosting your drone’s value and longevity.

Unrivaled Thermal Imaging

Boasting two state-of-the-art Boson® thermal cameras, experience four times the pixel precision on every zoom level. Outshine the competition with an unmatched 20x zoom prowess.

Empower Industrial Inspections

  • Zoom with Clarity: Utility, roofing, solar farm, and industrial inspectors can zoom into objects with unparalleled clarity.
  • Efficient Identification: Pinpoint objects of interest, record radiometric temperature measurements—all from a secure distance.

Revolutionizing Emergency Responses

  • Swift & Silent Observation: For emergency responders in search and rescue, law enforcement, and firefighting, the Vue TZ20-R is a game-changer. Operate in silence, using thermal zoom to minimize false positives.
  • Accelerate Critical Decisions: Empower public safety officers to make swifter, informed decisions, backed by the reliable thermal insights of Vue TZ20-R.

Optimize Your Missions

The synergy of top-tier thermal zoom and radiometry makes for more streamlined missions. Experience quicker searches, silent monitoring, and safer stand-off checks. Elevate your missions with Vue TZ20-R.

Features & Benefits

  • Cover More Ground Faster: SEARCH AND INSPECT MORE AREA IN LESS TIME with unmatched thermal zoom clarity at 5×, 10×, and 20×.
  • Advanced Temperature Measurement: SAFELY AND ACCURATELY MEASURE TEMPERATURE FROM FARTHER AWAY. Our Dual Bosons provide 4× more radiometric pixels on target at every zoom level, surpassing all competitors.
  • Maximize Your DJI Experience: MAKE MORE WITH MATRICE. Seamlessly plug and play with DJI Matrice 300, DJI V2 Matrice 200 series, and integrate with post-process reporting software.

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