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FLIR HADRON 640R 14mm, 30Hz

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Teledyne FLIR Hadron™ 640R: A high-performance, dual thermal and visible OEM camera module, optimised for unmanned systems and AI applications.

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FLIR HADRON 640R 14mm, 30Hz

£3,227.00 Excl. VAT

A New Duo Redefining Resolution | The Hadron 640R

Hadron™ 640R pairs a performance-leading 640x512 resolution radiometric Boson® thermal camera with a 64MP visible camera in a single easy-to-integrate module.

Teledyne FLIR Hadron™ 640R

Explore the frontier of dual camera technology, optimised for the future.

Thermal and Visible Performance

  • Industry-Leading Camera Performance: Capture high-speed, dual VGA radiometric thermal and HD visible imagery in diverse light conditions. Boast a 64MP visible camera resolution for sharp, clear images. Experience the compact, radiometric 640×512-resolution Boson, revealing the temperature of every pixel. Enjoy flexible dual 60 Hz video output, available via USB or MIPI.

Built for Integrators

  • Seamless Integration Made Easy: Minimise both development cost and time to market with a comprehensive solution from a single trusted supplier. Adhere to US Department of Commerce jurisdiction standards – classified under ECCN 6A003.b.4.b. Access drivers and sample code ready for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Qualcomm RB5, and other leading processors. Rely on a dedicated, highly qualified technical services team for robust integration support.

Optimised Design and Operation Time

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Efficient: Experience the performance, reliability, and versatility you expect from Teledyne FLIR and the industry’s top HD+ MWIR camera range. Benefit from a low, steady state power consumption of just 1.8W. Trust in the IP54-rated protection against dust and water. With a mere 56g weight, maximise flight times and extend battery life for enhanced operation.

Choose Teledyne FLIR Hadron™ 640R for superior visibility, performance, and integration convenience.

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