FLIR Vue Pro R 640

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Vue Pro R: A high-definition thermal camera for drones, offering precise temperature readings with data-rich imaging for a range of sUAS tasks.


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Analog Video Output


Input Voltage

4.8-6.0 VDC

Power Dissipation [peak]

2.1 W (3.9 W)

Non-Operating Temperature Range

-55°C to +95°C

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to +50°C

Operational Altitude

+40,000 feet

In-App Features

Colour Palettes
Image Optimisation
Invertable Image
Scene Presets & Image Processing

Thermal Imager

Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Vue Pro R: Advanced Aerial Thermal Imaging

Sky-High Accuracy

With the Vue Pro R, obtain unparalleled, non-contact aerial temperature insights, ensuring every drone mission is data-rich and precision-focused.

Beyond Simple Imaging

Not just any thermal camera, Vue Pro R embeds each image with detailed, calibrated temperature data, making every pixel a reservoir of information.

MAVLink Sync & Dynamic Controls

Geo-tag with ease using MAVLink, while the additional Accessory Port grants real-time camera control, perfectly integrating with your drone’s onboard systems.

Swift & Simple Setup

Ditch the bulky computers. The FLIR UAS app streamlines setup, allowing pilots to tailor colour schemes, image enhancements, and adjust PWM configurations on-the-go.

Multiple Applications, One Solution

From safeguarding public spaces and fine-tuning agricultural pursuits to the detailed inspection of infrastructure and energy grids, Vue Pro R is your aerial eye.

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Vue Pro R 640 13mm, 30Hz, 69 x 56, Vue Pro R 640 13mm, 9Hz, 69 x 56, Vue Pro R 640 13mm, 30Hz, 45 x 37, Vue Pro R 640 13mm, 9Hz, 45 x 37, Vue Pro R 640 19mm, 30Hz, Vue Pro R 640 19mm, 9Hz


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