FLIR Vue Pro 640

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The FLIR Vue Pro 640 Thermal Imaging Camera – Choice of Lens is designed for various applications from search and rescue to precision agriculture. Available in three models, each with a unique field of view based on the lens size.


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The FLIR Vue Pro: Thermal Imaging Camera for sUAS

Take drone thermal imaging and data recording to the new heights with Vue Pro.

FLIR Vue Pro 640 Thermal Imaging Camera – Choice of Lens


Overview: The FLIR Vue Pro 640 Thermal Imaging Camera boasts a 640 x 512 resolution and is tailor-made for integration with small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) like drones and quadcopter.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for search and rescue, precision agriculture, roof, powerline, substation, cell tower inspections, security, surveying, and mapping.
  • High-Quality Capture: Records 14-bit still images and 8-bit digital video in both MJPEG and H.264 formats.
  • Onboard Storage: All media is securely saved to a removable micro-SD card, ensuring data retention even in case of transmission failures.
  • Connectivity: Features a 10-pin mini-USB for analogue video downlinking and simple integration.
  • Bluetooth Module: Built-in low-power Bluetooth for easy configuration using FLIR’s iOS or Android apps. Modify settings, initiate recordings, and more.
  • In-Flight Operations: Once in the air, users can manage up to four camera controls with PWM commands or MAVLink function for more controls like colour palette changes and e-zoom.

When integrated with MAVLink, captured images and videos include the aircraft’s geo-location and flight data, enhancing the image stitching process. This makes it perfect for precision tasks such as mapping and surveying. The camera is also compatible with the Pix4Dmapper software, allowing the development of maps using aerial drone-captured images.

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Vue Pro 640, 9mm, 30Hz, Vue Pro 640, 9mm, 9Hz, Vue Pro 640, 13mm, 30Hz, Vue Pro 640, 13mm, 9Hz, Vue Pro 640, 19mm, 30Hz, Vue Pro 640, 19mm, 9Hz



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