FLIR HADRON 320, 6.3mm

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The Pre-Integrated RGB/Thermal Camera, with a 320 x 256 resolution at a selection between 9Hz and 30 Hz and an EFL of 6.3mm, lets users see thermal and HD colour images during flight. It's great for inspections in low light. Designed for smaller drones, its compact shape allows for easy mounting and longer flights. 


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Introducing the FLIR Hadron™ Integrated RGB/Thermal Module

Introducing FLIR Hadron, the industry’s first dual sensor module for drone, robotic, and imaging original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


24 x 45 x 36 mm

Mechanical Interface

Screw mount to back plate

IP Rating

IP53 (with the rear interfaces sealed)

Operational and Storage Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

FLIR HADRON™ 320 Pre-Integrated RGB/Thermal Module Camera

320 x 256, EFL 6.3mm, 30 Hz

320 x 256, EFL 6.3mm, 9 Hz

Key Features

Dual Image Output: Experience both thermal and HD colour visuals during your drone's flight.

Superior Low Light Performance: Elevate inspections by locating and identifying subjects even in challenging low light and pitch-dark scenarios.

Tailored for Smaller Drones: Its high-resolution output is precisely designed to fit and function seamlessly on smaller class airframes.

Flexible and Efficient Design: Boasting a low-profile structure, our camera not only offers multiple mounting options but also ensures a reduced SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power), allowing for longer airborne durations.

Cost-Effective Solution: Why waste on exploratory expenses? Our product comes ready right out of the box, minimising engineering costs and streamlining your operations. Plus, the trust of purchasing from a single-source supplier.

Dive into a world of clarity and precision, optimised for those crucial low-light moments. Upgrade your drone with the RGB/Thermal Camera module today.

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9 Hz, 30 Hz


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