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Operations Manual Review Service

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£125.00 Excl. VAT
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Operations Manual Review Service

£125.00 Excl. VAT

Don’t have the time to do your Operations Manual? Have you had your Operations Manual rejected by the CAA before? Not sure that you have completed your Operations Manual correctly?

Then join many other commercial pilots and let us do it for you…

Reduce the risk of being grounded by ensuring that your Operations Manual is fit for submission to the CAA. Our highly skilled team will review your Operations Manual and ensure that it will not be rejected by the CAA to eliminate the potential for downtime and expensive fines.

Why go to the cost of getting Coptrz to do it?

✓ Save yourself time and money

✓  Reduce the risk of down time

✓  Start flying quicker

✓  Our team have 10 years combined experience in completing Operations Manuals

✓  Coptrz will ensure that regulations are updated and in place

✓  Coptrz will check all spelling and grammar

✓  Coptrz will check that it meets the latest CAA criteria

✓  Coptrz will insure you against the new CAA rejection fees

Send us your Operations Manual today and you just concentrate on flying operations.

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