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Unitree – B1

Discover the Unitree B1, a waterproof, industrial-grade quadruped robotic dog with exceptional stability, high load capacity, and advanced autonomous capabilities, perfect for challenging environments.

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    Product Details

    Unitree B1 – Industrial-Grade Quadruped Robotic Dog

    Explore the world of advanced robotics with the Unitree B1, an industrial-grade quadruped robotic dog designed to perform in the most challenging environments.

    Key Features

    ✓ Waterproof IP68-rated body

    ✓ Load capacity up to 104 kg (when standing)

    ✓ Extremely high stability

    ✓ Open-source platform


    The All-Terrain Robotic Powerhouse
    The All-Terrain Robotic Powerhouse

    The Unitree B1 is an incredibly durable, industrial-grade robot designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company. With impressive stability on rough terrain, the ability to walk up and down stairs with a step height of up to 20 cm, and an IP68 certification, the B1 can be used in any weather and even underwater.


    The Unitree B1 is packed with powerful features, including:

    • Walking speed of 1.8 m/s
    • 4 legs with 12 joints for excellent stability on various terrain types
    • Knee joint motors with 210 Nm torque
    • 5 sets of depth cameras for near-spherical viewing angles
    • GNSS acquisition and over-the-horizon communication for autonomous operation
    • 4-hour battery life on a single charge
    • Waterproof body supporting fording depth of 1 meter for underwater exploration
    Operation and Controls

    The B1 comes with a wide array of connectivity options and is equipped with three NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX boards for secondary development. Its built-in 5G module ensures remote control and data transmission.


    Thanks to its extreme durability and autonomous capabilities, the Unitree B1 is an indispensable tool for activities requiring harsh operating conditions, such as:

    • Emergency services
    • Cargo transportation over rough terrain
    • Security patrol and inspection of hazardous environments
    What’s in the Box
    • B1 quadruped robot
    • Remote controller
    • Battery
    • Battery charger and power adaptor
    • User guide (Please note that package content may change. Contact us for any questions.)
    Look and Feel

    The B1 robot is available in black, with a waterproof design and durable construction for open-air operation in harsh conditions. It weighs 50 kg and has dimensions of 1108 x 461 x 671 mm.

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