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Unitree – Aliengo

Aliengo boasts superior agility and expandable machine vision capabilities, making it perfect for traversing rough terrains such as factories, plants, tunnels, pipelines, construction sites, agricultural lands, and forests. This versatile robot dog is not only suitable for industrial purposes, but also serves as an invaluable platform for research and entertainment.

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    Product Details

    Unitree AlienGo – RobotDog

    Discover Aliengo, a 19 kg robot dog by Unitree, boasting advanced manoeuvrability, machine vision, and adaptability to tackle diverse terrains. Ideal for industrial, research, and entertainment applications, this versatile, medium-sized robotic companion offers exceptional performance, long battery life, and state-of-the-art protective features.
    Capable of reaching 1.5 m/s, AlienGo has 12 high-performance servo motor joints for unparalleled agility. Perform jumps, crawls, rolls, and even backflips with its 3-axis position control. Engineered to withstand collisions and falls, this resilient robotic companion quickly regains stability after a jolt, making it a truly versatile and durable addition to any environment.
    High-Performance Mobility

    ✓ Unitree Aliengo features 12 powerful motors, each weighing 900g, with a maximum torque of 40 Nm and rotational speed of 26.5 rad/s. These motors enable dynamic movements and precise control of the robot’s 3 joints per leg.

    Advanced Perception

    ✓ Equipped with two Intel RealSense D435 wide-angle depth cameras and visual odometer, Aliengo utilises V-SLAM technology for real-time positioning, navigation planning, and dynamic obstacle perception. It also recognises human postures and faces for gesture-based control.

    Versatile Operation & Controls

    ✓ Aliengo offers multiple power outputs for accessory connection, wide connectivity options, and a dual main controller running on Ubuntu 16.04. Unitree Robotics provides SDKs and simulation tools for secondary development with ROS, C/C++, or Python support.

    Wide Range of Applications

    ✓ With exceptional mobility and stability, Aliengo is suitable for inspections in hazardous environments, rescue operations, security patrols, and delivery services. It also serves as a powerful R&D platform and educational tool for families and children.

    Package Contents

    ✓ The Aliengo kit includes the robot, remote controller, battery, charger, power adaptor, rubber foot pads, and a user guide.

    Design & Aesthetics

    ✓ Aliengo’s sleek, black design and robust construction (19 kg; 650 x 310 x 600 mm) make it suitable for various environments and applications.


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