Parrot ANAFI USA and Skycontroller 4 - Bundle

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The Parrot ANAFI USA is a high-performance drone designed for professional use. With a 32x zoom, 4K HDR video, thermal imaging capabilities, and advanced security features, it's the ultimate tool for first responders, security agencies, and inspection professionals.

  • 32x zoom, 4K HDR video
  • Advanced security and privacy features
  • Rapid deployment in 55 seconds


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Introducing the Parrot ANAFI USA Drone

Get a closer look at the Parrot ANAFI USA Drone, a powerful tool designed for professionals. With a 32x zoom, 4K HDR video, thermal imaging capabilities, and advanced security features, it's the ultimate solution for demanding aerial tasks. Watch to see it in action.

Manufactured in the U.S.

The ANAFI USA is built with the same high-end security, durability, and imaging capabilities as Parrot’s Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) drone designed for the U.S. Army. Its data encryption and privacy features are compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring top-tier privacy and security for sensitive missions.

Unmatched Zoom and Imaging

The ANAFI USA's 32x zoom, designed around two 21-megapixel cameras, allows operators to see details clearly from up to 5 km (3.1 mi) away. The drone can see details as small as 1 cm with precision from a distance of 50 meters. The zoom image is coupled with images from ANAFI USA’s FLIR Boson camera, enabling operators to detect hot spots with the thermal camera, while the visual camera allows them to view people and other important details from up to 2 km (1.2 mi) away.

Ease of Operation

ANAFI USA is operational in less than 55 seconds, making it ideal for rapid deployment during missions. It can work indoors without GPS, launch from the palm of the hand, and has no built-in limitations for no-fly zones. With a sound level of just 79 dB when it is 50cm off the ground, ANAFI USA offers the ability to fly quietly and see incredible details from far distances with its 32x zoom.

Compact and Durable

Weighing in at just 500 g (1.1 lbs), the compact ANAFI USA folds easily for maximum portability. Despite its compact design, ANAFI USA boasts a 32-minute flight time — also best in class for a drone of its size. Furthermore, ANAFI USA comes standard with 3 battery packs, offering a total of 1.5 hours of flight time for a drone lighter than 1 kg.

Trusted and Secure

ANAFI USA puts security first for professional users. It features Secure Digital (SD) card encryption, a secure WPA2 Wifi connection, and signed firmware to prevent any malicious modification of the drone software. Users can choose to share data by opting in via the FreeFlight 6 app. No data is shared by default without the consent of the user.

Ruggedised for Tough Conditions

ANAFI USA has passed the IP53 qualification, making it suitable to fly in rainy conditions. It’s built for missions in the toughest flight conditions, offering weatherproofing with water and dust resistance.

Advanced Flight Features

ANAFI USA’s advanced flight features are designed to meet the unique needs of enterprise drone users. Powered by Parrot’s acclaimed FreeFlight 6 piloting software, pilots have multiple easy-to-use flight options. ANAFI USA’s flight routes can be set by coordinates in assisted framing or executed autonomously.

Software Ecosystem

Compatible with the industry-leading mapping software Pix4Dreact, ANAFI USA allows first responders to quickly transform images into precise 2D maps on a laptop. Through its open-source SDK and use of industry-standard protocols, The Parrot ANAFI USA supports a growing ecosystem of professional applications and services.

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