DJI Mini Dock

The DJI Dock is a robust drone charging station designed for the Matrice 30 series. It enables automated and scheduled missions, operates in harsh weather conditions, and offers a backup battery that lasts up to 5 hours. Ideal for continuous use, the dock allows the drone to travel up to 7 kilometers while remaining connected.


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DJI Mini Dock

The Future of Autonomous Drone Operations

Compact. Robust. Intelligent.

Unmatched Efficiency

The DJI Mini Dock is not just a storage solution; it's an intelligent hub that transforms how drones are utilised in the field. Accommodating the new M3D and M3DT drones, which boast a flight time of 50 minutes and a rapid recharge time of 40 minutes, the dock ensures your operations are continuous and efficient.

Robust Design

Built to withstand the elements, the DJI Mini Dock has an IP55 rating, signifying its superior dust and water resistance. The housed drones, M3D and M3DT, are equally durable with an IP54 rating, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities

The M3D and M3DT drones come equipped with the same high-specification cameras as the M3E and M3T models, promising consistency and quality in surveillance and mapping tasks. The geo-caging function enhances safety and compliance by preventing flights over designated areas.

Intelligent Operations

The DJI Mini Dock is not just hardware; it's a portal to a suite of intelligent functions. From cloud modelling to automated flight paths, the dock integrates seamlessly with DJI FlightHub 2, enabling remote operation and data capture that redefine industry standards.

Invest in the Future Today

With our expertise and DJI's innovative technology, the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning.


IP Rating

IP 55

Overall weight

exclusing drone

35 kg


550 x 550 x 480

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