DJI Mavic 3D

The DJI Matrice M3D is at the forefront of drone engineering, crafted for professionals who demand precision, durability, and versatility. Whether it's high-precision mapping or critical surveillance, the M3D is your eye in the sky, delivering unparalleled results with ease and efficiency.



DJI Matrice M3D: Precision Aerial Technology

Innovative. Reliable. Advanced.

Extended Operational Capacity

With a substantial flight time of up to 50 minutes, the M3D maximises your time in the air, capturing more data with fewer interruptions. Its swift 40-minute recharge time ensures your operations keep moving with minimal downtime.

Built to Endure

The M3D's robust design is encapsulated in its IP54 rating, ensuring it stands up to challenging weather conditions. This resilience makes it a reliable choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Exceptional Imaging Power

Equipped with the same camera specifications as the esteemed M3E and M3T models, the M3D provides consistency in high-quality image capture. This makes it a versatile tool for both detailed survey work and comprehensive area surveillance.

Smart Flight Safety

The M3D comes with an integrated geo-caging function, ensuring your drone operations are safe and compliant with local airspace regulations. This intelligent feature prevents the drone from entering restricted zones, giving you peace of mind during flight.

New Perspective in Operations

The DJI Matrice M3D isn't just a drone; it's a comprehensive solution that transforms how you interact with the world from above.


IP Rating

IP 54


1.38 kg

Flight time

50 mins

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