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DJI Dock for Matrice 30 Series

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The DJI Dock is a robust drone charging station designed for the Matrice 30 series. It enables automated and scheduled missions, operates in harsh weather conditions, and offers a backup battery that lasts up to 5 hours. Ideal for continuous use, the dock allows the drone to travel up to 7 kilometers while remaining connected.


DJI Dock for Matrice 30 Series

£20,940.00 Excl. VAT

Unleashing the Power of Automation: DJI Dock for Matrice 30 Series in Action

Discover the capabilities of the DJI Dock with our featured video. Watch as the Matrice 30 series drone takes off, lands, and recharges automatically, showcasing the seamless integration with FlytBase. Witness how the DJI Dock operates in various weather conditions, thanks to its robust design and IP55 rating. From fast recharging to extended range operations, get a firsthand look at how the DJI Dock revolutionizes automated drone operations. Whether it's security surveillance, site monitoring, or asset inspection, see how the DJI Dock can transform your operations with 24/7 drone deployment.

Introducing the DJI Dock, a state-of-the-art drone charging station specifically designed for the Matrice 30 series. This robust and reliable docking station is fully integrated with FlytBase, enabling it to execute automated and scheduled missions seamlessly.

The DJI Dock is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, thanks to its IP55 ingress protection rating. This means it’s dust protected and can withstand water jets from any direction, ensuring your drone operations are never interrupted. The dock also features active temperature control, allowing it to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -35°C to 50°C. This makes it a versatile solution for various environments, from freezing cold to scorching heat.

One of the standout features of the DJI Dock is its backup battery that can last up to 5 hours. This ensures continuous operation even in the event of a power outage, providing you with peace of mind and uninterrupted service.

Designed for 24/7 use, the DJI Dock allows the drone to travel up to 7 kilometres while remaining connected to the dock. This extended range makes it ideal for large-scale operations, such as site monitoring or asset inspection over a wide area.

The dock is equipped with a fast recharging feature, ensuring your M30 drone is ready to fly just 25 minutes after landing. This quick turnaround time allows for more frequent flights and increased productivity.

The DJI Dock also boasts a waterproof design, ensuring it can function efficiently even when exposed to rain or moisture. This is further complemented by its dustproof rating, making it a reliable choice for operations in challenging environments.

In terms of data capture, the DJI Dock is highly versatile. The M30 Series Dock Version integrates wide, zoom, and a laser rangefinder, while the M30T also includes a thermal camera. This allows for a range of data collection, from detailed visual inspections to thermal imaging.

The dock also features 4G connectivity, which can be expanded with an optional external 4G dongle. This ensures a stable and reliable connection for remote monitoring and control.

In case of a power outage, the Dock’s internal battery will take over and keep the dock operational to make sure the M30 lands from its mission. This emergency power supply feature ensures the safety and security of your drone operations.

The DJI Dock is packed with highly-integrated hardware, including a wide-angle security camera, integrated weather station, internal omni-directional antenna, RTK module, and edge computing expansion slot. This high level of integration improves functionality and offers a comprehensive solution for automated drone operations.

With the DJI Dock, you can conduct autonomous missions for security, site monitoring, and asset inspection with ease. Experience the future of drone operations with the DJI Dock for Matrice 30 Series.

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