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UAV Inspection of Wind Turbines Online Course

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    Increase your earning potential by learning how to carry out UAV Inspections of wind turbine 

    The Coptrz UAV Inspections of Wind Turbines course is designed to help drone operators and industry professionals understand how to make wind turbine inspections faster, safer and more cost-effective utilising drone technology. 

    Whether you’re a large organisation using traditional methods to inspect wind turbines, or you’re a drone service provider wanting to expand your knowledge and enter a new market, this course is the one for you. Not only is it the first of its kind to teach you such sector-specific knowledge, but it’s also verified with CPD credits so you can be sure you’re being taught to a high standard, and prove it to your clients.


    Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace

    The Coptrz UAV Inspections of Wind Turbines course is completed through our industry-leading online learning platform. E-learning is ideal for those who want to learn at their own pace, in their own time. It means you don’t have to take days at a time out of your busy schedule to attend a live classroom course. 

    Coptrz Academy provides a truly holistic learning experience with a mobile-first design, quality content, in-built psychometrics and an unparalleled user experience driven by artificial intelligence. 


    So much more than drone training 

    When you enrol on your UAV Inspections of Wind Turbines course with us, you’ll also get 12-months free access to the Coptrz Academy eLearning platform filled with more than 450+ online courses spanning Project Management, Finance, Leadership, Commercial skills, People and Culture, Customer Excellence and Data.

    To support you further on your learning journey we also provide regular Drone Regulation Q&As, live industry updates and exclusive membership to our Coptrz Pilots Community Group.




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Module 1: Understanding Wind Turbines

This is your introduction to renewable energy and the basics of wind power. You'll learn how wind turbines generate energy, the different types of wind turbines currently in use all around the world, and the different components that make up a wind turbine.

Commercial Drone Suppliers

Module 2: Drone Based Inspection of Wind Turbines

In this module, you'll look specifically at the inspection of wind turbines and how to keep them operating at optimal performance. You'll cover how to carry out an inspection of a wind turbine with a UAV, what damage to look out for, how to process the data you've collected and more.

Wind turbine inspection

Module 3: Drone Based Inspection of Wind Turbines: Advanced

In the final module, you'll learn the key elements of a drone inspection, how to increase the life cycle of wind turbines and how to process and analyse the data you've collected. You'll also learn more about the market need for UAV inspections and what the future has in store.



This is the only course of its kind verified with CPD credits so you can be sure you're being taught to a high standard, and prove it to your clients.

You want to increase profit, efficiency and safety within your organisation

You could increase the earning potential, efficiency and on-site safety of your operations by introducing drone technology. This course will teach you how to achieve just that!



If wind turbine inspections is a service you want to offer as a drone service provider. This course provides you with the skills and knowledge to enter this new market with confidence.


You want to get the most out of your investment

Why spend thousands of pounds on the best hardware when you don’t understand how to use it effectively to capture the best data? This course will bridge the knowledge gap to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.


How Drones Could Change Wind Turbine Inspections Forever

There’s an amazing 341 thousand wind turbines currently in operation around the globe, producing an abundance of clean and renewable energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and coal power stations. It’s fair to say wind turbines are a bit of an unsung hero in the 21st century.

Often businesses will consider the ROI of a purchase to gauge its effectiveness, and in the case of drone inspections for wind turbines, it’s easy to see how the purchase of a drone inspection setup can significantly reduce the maintenance and repair costs.

Pete Goulding

“The course was absolutely fantastic, very informative but very relaxed. It was a lot to take in but it was communicated well and I feel like I got a lot out of it.”

Freya Knowles

“The instructors were insane, they were so supportive. The course is pretty easy as long as you’ve done some pre-research. Make sure you’ve done a bit of flying beforehand, I’d say 10 hours, as long as you do that you’ll pass!”

Neil Dempsey

“The staff at Coptrz were really approachable and willing to answer any questions you have no matter how small, they were always on hand to deal with any enquiries we had. In terms of the flight assessment, it was very good as well, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable.”

Drones for Inspection

The use of drones for asset inspection has already transformed the workflows of numerous organisations across the country, reducing costs, time on site and increasing job safety. Join the likes of Thames Water, Severn Trent Water and Sellafield who have driven business-wide development through the adoption of drone technology.

Aleks Boric

Aleks Boric, UAV Strategist

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