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A2 CofC – Drone Training Exam

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    Ready to sit your A2 CofC Exam? Book now for £97 + VAT

    Then you’re going to need a training provider that offers Drone Training, Global Qualifications and on-going support from industry experts from across the world.

    Getting your A2 CofC with Coptrz Academy is a signal of intent.

    By training with us, you’ll not only be recognised as a professional in your field of play, you’ll get access to all the benefits exclusive to Coptrz Academy Students.

    Consider this your competitive advantage over the rest.

    If you want to train with the UK’s leading drone training provider, start your own drone business, or simply take your drone piloting skills to the next level, why not enrol on our FREE course today?

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    What is the A2 CofC? 

    The A2 CofC is the training course and qualification needed to operate in the A2 Subcategory of the OPEN Category under the new UAS regulations. The course consists of four modules which you can access via our online Learning Portal.

    Once you’ve completed your online training and some guided or self-study practical flight training, you’ll complete a multiple-choice Theory Exam (30 questions).

    The A2 CofC course covers theory such as the basic principles of flight, operating in congested areas, how to avoid collisions, battery safety, and how to operate depending on a range of environmental factors.

    The A2 CofC qualification lasts for five years before you need to renew it.

    Coptrz Academy

    Coptrz Academy is a OFQUAL accredited drone training provider, meaning that you will be globally recognised as the best of the best. It’s also a quality stamp, it lets people know that you take your training seriously.

    By making our online A2CoC course free we hope more people, like you, will take up the course and join us in taking the UK Drone Industry to the next level.

    At Coptrz Academy, we support our students not just during their training, but after too.

    By training with us, you’ll get the chance to join our experts in monthly A2 CofC accelerator sessions, Drone Regulation Q&A’s and weekly Drone Talk’s with Jamie Cording. We are the only people in the industry to offer these sessions, giving you the chance to learn directly from the experts and keeping your knowledge up to date with the latest industry news.

    Find out more on Coptrz Academy and the various learning pathways available to you once you start your training journey with us. 

    Terms and Conditions apply. 

    This course is available online

    You must complete over 4 hours of self-monitored flight training

    The exam fee is £97 +Vat