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Parrot ANAFI USA (Approved Used)

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Parrot's ANAFI USA, a refurbished U.S.-made drone with features akin to the U.S. Army's SRR drone, now available second-hand. Expertly restored for top performance at a fraction of the price, it's ideal for sensitive missions requiring high security and privacy.

  • 3 Cameras, 30X Zoom
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging
  • IP53 Durability

In stock


Parrot ANAFI USA (Approved Used)

£7,500.00 Excl. VAT

Coptrz 'Signature' Approved Used

At Coptrz, we understand the importance of reliability, performance, and affordability in drone technology. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our groundbreaking initiative: Coptrz Signature – Approved Used Drones. This program offers a curated selection of pre-owned drones that meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring you receive the best value without compromising on excellence.

Parrot anafi usa

Designed for the U.S. Army
Made for enterprise

Blue sUAS program approved NDAA & TAA compliant

32x Zoom

Observe people from up to 2 km away

Thermal Camera

Detects centimetric hot spots from an altitude of up to 40 m


Made in the USA, data encryption

Flight ready in 55 sec

A compact and portable drone, weighing 500 g with a volume of 1.7 litres. Easily carried in a backpack or case, it's the smallest drone in its class for enterprise and military use. The ANAFI USA deploys in just 3 seconds. Its unique propeller blade system minimises bulk, unlike fixed-pitch propellers. Changing propellers is tool-free and straightforward, screwing in the opposite direction of motor rotation without the worry of misplacing small parts.

ANAFI-USA-Compactness folded drone

Rugged & All-Weather

The ANAFI USA drone is robust, resisting dust and rain (IPX3 and IP5X rated), tolerating temperatures from -36°C to +70°C. It can fly for up to 92 hours continuously and withstands 18 falls from 1 meter, ensuring reliability in various challenging conditions.

Efficient & High-Performance

The ANAFI USA drone is equipped with a 60 Hz FLIR Boson micro-bolometer and a mechanical shutter for consistent thermal imaging. It features a 50° HFOV lens and offers versatile modes like Relative, Spot, Thermal Analyzer, and IR/Visible Blending for adaptable mission use.

In the box

Your refurbished ANAFI USA drone comes in a robust box with:

Skycontroller 3
Battery x3
Propellers x4
Multiport USB charger
Hard case

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