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Discover the Unitree Robotics Go1, a cutting-edge bionic quadruped robot engineered to emulate the actions of a real dog. As the globe's premier consumer-grade bionic four-legged robot, its lightweight construction ensures portability and convenience. The Go1 is an excellent choice for robotics aficionados, educational endeavors, and scientific exploration.



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Introducing Unitree Go1

Experience fast 4.7m/s speeds with the Unitree Go1, powered by advanced AI and enhanced with innovative Intelligent Side-Follow and Super Sensory Systems for exceptional performance.

The Unitree Robotics Go1 is an advanced bionic four-legged robot designed to mimic the behaviour of a real dog. Perfect for accompanying you on jogs or strolls through the park, this intelligent robot also assists with carrying your belongings. As the world’s first consumer-grade bionic quadruped robot, its lightweight design makes it easy to take anywhere. Ideal for robotics enthusiasts, educational purposes, and scientific research.

Key Features:
✓ Powerful built-in Ai with Vector Positioning And Control Technology so that it’s always by your side.
✓ Robust built with flexible and adaptive joints.
✓ Lightweight 12kg design for easy portability.
✓ Super sensory systems for smart obstacle avoidance.
Uses and Industries:
  1. Industrial inspection: The Go1 can be deployed in factories, power plants, or other industrial environments to inspect equipment, pipelines, and other infrastructure, ensuring safety and detecting potential issues early.
  2. Search and rescue: The Go1’s mobility allows it to navigate through difficult terrain and aid in search and rescue missions, locating missing persons or survivors in disaster-stricken areas.
  3. Construction: Go1 can be used on construction sites to monitor progress, inspect structures, and transport small loads or tools, increasing efficiency and safety.
  4. Agriculture: The robot can be used in agricultural settings to monitor crops, track livestock, and perform various tasks such as spraying pesticides or fertilizers.
  5. Entertainment and sports: The Go1 has been used in various entertainment and sports events, such as robotic dog races, performance art, and as a unique interactive experience in theme parks.
  6. Security and surveillance: The Go1 can be employed to patrol perimeters, monitor restricted areas, and detect intruders, providing enhanced security for various facilities and events.
  7. Research and education: Universities and research institutions can use the Go1 as a platform for robotics research, AI development, or to provide students with hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.
  8. Assisted living and healthcare: The Go1 can be used to assist people with disabilities or the elderly, helping them with daily tasks, providing companionship, or even serving as a mobility aid.
  9. Logistics and warehousing: The Go1 can be used in warehouses and logistics centers to transport small packages, navigate narrow aisles, and perform inventory checks.
  10. Environmental monitoring: The Go1 can be deployed in various environments to monitor air quality, water levels, or other environmental factors, providing valuable data for conservation efforts or pollution control.


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