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Parrot Skycontroller 4

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£661.21 Excl. VAT
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Elevate your drone piloting with the Parrot ANAFI USA Skycontroller 4. Connect easily to your device, stream live, and enjoy an ergonomic design for effortless piloting.

  • Effortless Device Connectivity
  • Real-Time Live Streaming
  • Ergonomic Piloting Design

Available on back-order


Parrot Skycontroller 4

£661.21 Excl. VAT

Connectivity: Easily connect the Skycontroller to your IOS or Android device for a seamless drone operation experience.

Live Streaming: Stream live from the Skycontroller 4 using the built-in micro-HDMI output. Capture breathtaking views and share them in real-time.

Ergonomic Design: Pilot with ease with the Skycontroller 4’s ergonomic design. It’s comfortable, intuitive, and makes drone piloting a breeze.

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