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Parrot ANAFI Ai Propeller Set

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This 2-pack of Parrot Propellers for ANAFI Ai, inspired by humpback whale fins, provides increased propulsion efficiency and reduced noise. Easy to replace, they're essential for any drone pilot.

  • Humpback whale-inspired design
  • Increased propulsion efficiency
  • Reduced noise emission

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Parrot ANAFI Ai Propeller Set

£62.00 Excl. VAT

Parrot Propellers for ANAFI Ai – Inspired by Humpback Whale Fins

Prepare for the inevitable with our Parrot Propellers for ANAFI Ai. These propellers are a must-have for any drone pilot, ensuring you’re always ready to replace a broken propeller and keep your drone in the air.


Inspired by Nature

Just like the original propellers that come with the ANAFI Ai, these replacements are inspired by the shape of the fins of humpback whales. This unique design provides increased propulsion efficiency while maintaining the same rotation speed.

Reduced Noise

In addition to increased efficiency, the humpback whale-inspired design also reduces noise, especially from the leading edge of the blade. With these propellers, your drone will emit only 71.5 dB/SPL at 3.3′, making your flights quieter and less disruptive.

Easy to Replace

When a propeller breaks, you can quickly and easily replace it with one of these Parrot Propellers. Keep flying without significant downtime, ensuring you capture all the footage you need.

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