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DJI Air 3 ND Filters Set 8/16/32/64

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Enhance your aerial photography with the DJI Air 3 ND Filters Set. Specifically designed for the DJI Air 3, this set of filters allows you to control exposure and capture stunning images in a variety of lighting conditions.

The DJI Air 3 ND Filters Set includes ND8, ND16, ND32, and ND64 filters. These filters reduce the amount of light entering the sensor, giving you more freedom to create by allowing more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time, and sensor sensitivity settings.

But it's not just about control; it's about quality too. The filters are made with high-quality optical glass that provides a clear image and won't degrade the color or clarity of your footage.


DJI Air 3 ND Filters Set 8/16/32/64

£65.83 Excl. VAT

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