Recorded Webinar: Women in Drones with Hayley Smith | Coptrz

Join Coptrz for our first female-focused webinar – Women in Drones. Hayley will be joined by a range of panellists who discusss their experiences in a male-dominated industry, their achievements, and predictions of where the drone industry is heading PLUS advice for women looking to get into the drone industry.

Why are we focusing on women and girls?

Coptrz supports talented people and innovative companies of all types. It’s no secret that the numbers of women in the drone industry – and the aerospace industry as a whole – are surprisingly low; the estimated percentage of women drone pilots at 4%.

While the numbers are still low, there are opportunities for women in drones. However, in order to achieve real equality in the workforce, the industry will need to start earlier – supporting STEM education and drone training for girls who may someday fill leadership positions.

“Through more exposure and education, engagement and recruitment, we hope to see progress continue when it comes to narrowing the gender gap in the drone industry,”

Wendy Erikson of Women and Drones.