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Next Generation Mapping 

The Phantom 4 RTK is the ultimate mapping solution for those working within the surveying sector. This custom built quadcopter is crafted from the ground up with accuracy in mind. This results in:

  • • 1cm+1ppm RTK Horizontal Positioning Accuracy
  • • 1.5+1ppm RTK Vertical Positioning Accuracy
  • • 5cm Absolute Horizontal Accuracy of Photogrammetric Models

The abilities of the Phantom 4 RTK are on par with some of the most advanced equipment to use. It is also compatible with DJI’s new 3D mapping software, DJI Terra. DJI Terra offers unparalleled efficiency and user experience by allowing you to bulk import images and employ multiple graphics cards simultaneously all within its intuitively designed interface.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our industry expert James Pick recently captured this stunning data using the Phantom 4 RTK and processed it in using DJI Terra. It’s almost a digital twin! You can see it below.

This original manor house was lost to fire in 1761 and finally demolished in the 1950’s. What remains is a magnificent Grade I listed gatehouse that dates back to the early 13th century. It’s important that we preserve these ancient monuments by capturing them for life in a digital sense. James used the Phantom 4 RTK to capture the data then processed it using DJI Terra Pro.

Check out the data set example below to understand the capabilities of DJI Terra combined with Phantom 4 RTK as a professional drone mapping solution.


Meet James Pick

Business Development Manager – Surveying & Construction

As a surveyor by trade James knows the importance of making strategic decisions that ensure your organisation is achieving survey-grade data for your projects. Every organisation is unique and that’s why it’s important that your drone solution is too. With James’ industry experience he can create the perfect drone solution with everything you need from hardware to training so you can hit the ground running. James has already helped hundreds of organisations such as Costain, Pfizer, Veolia, Jacobs and Can group to adopt drone technology.

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For surveyors, created by a surveyor 

Created with surveyors in mind, our industry expert James Pick has tailored the perfect drone package with all of the training, software, hardware and support you will need to introduce a drone solution into your workflows.

When you purchase the complete surveying package, you will get a 2 hour video call handover with James, meaning you can ask any questions or queries you have about surveying, and have them answered by someone with over 8 years experience in the industry.

It is also worth noting that this is the only package that will give you an RTK License as well as the drone. Meaning you will be able to start collecting RTK Quality Data as soon as possible.

What the Complete Surveying Package includes:

  • • DJI Phantom 4 RTK Aircraft with accessories
  • • Two extra P4 RTK batteries + One RC battery
  • • GVC Drone Training course
  • • 12-months of Coptrz Care
  • • Commercial UAV Survey Course (10 hours online)
  • • Phantom 4 RTK UAV Drone Training (12 hours online)
  • • One year Pix4Dmapper licence OR one year DJI Terra licence
  • • One year Network RTK licence – 40 hrs per week
  • • 2-hour Video Call Handover with James Pick including P4RTK familiarisation and Pix4D workflow

£12,290 + VAT

Payment plans available

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How accurate is the Phantom 4 RTK?



Level-up your survey projects with our Commercial UAV Surveying course 


If you’re a surveying business wanting to utilise the benefits of drones, or you’re looking to expand your drone service capability, this online course has been developed for you by the UK’s leading experts.

Created by the leading light in UAV surveying James Dunthorne, the course covers all aspects of surveying and mapping using drones.

This online course is aimed at professionals working in Surveying, Civil Engineering, Groundworks, Construction and Drone Service Providers.


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