Pass Plus Exams: Boost Your Skills with CPD Accredited Exams from Coptrz Academy | Coptrz

We’re thrilled to announce that Coptrz Academy now offers Pass Plus exams for 10 of our courses. These exams are designed to help you further showcase your skills, and on successful completion, you will receive a certificate jointly branded with Coptrz Academy and the CPD Accreditation Service. Our CPD accredited courses have been highly praised for their comprehensiveness, interactivity, and ability to meet stated learning objectives.

How to Get Started with Pass Plus Exams

Enroll in one of our 10 eligible courses listed below:

  • DJI H20
  • DJI M300
  • DJI M30
  • DJI M3E
  • DJI M3M
  • DJI L1
  • DJI P1
  • Emesent Hovermap
  • Flyability Elios 3
  • Parrot Anafi Ai

Complete the course and look for the prompt at the end to access the Pass Plus exam.

Purchase the Pass Plus exam at a cost of £47+VAT.

Take the exam and achieve a required pass mark of 80% to receive your joint certificate from Coptrz Academy and the CPD Accreditation Service.

Ground control

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Pass Plus exams?

    Pass Plus exams are higher-level exams designed for those who want to further showcase their skills and knowledge acquired from our CPD accredited courses. These exams offer an additional challenge and upon successful completion, customers will receive a jointly branded certificate from Coptrz Academy and the CPD Accreditation Service.

  • How much do Pass Plus exams cost?

    Pass Plus exams can be purchased separately from the basic course at a cost of £47+VAT.

  • What is the required pass mark for Pass Plus exams?

    To pass a Pass Plus exam and receive a certificate, you need to achieve a minimum score of 80%.

  • Can I take a Pass Plus exam without completing the associated course?

    No, you must complete the associated course before you can take the Pass Plus exam.

  • Will more Pass Plus exams be added in the future?

    Yes, we may add more Pass Plus exams for additional courses in the future. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

  • How can I find the Pass Plus exams on Coptrz Academy?

    You can find the exams in the “CPD Certified Course Partner Exams” category on Coptrz Academy.

  • What happens if I don't pass the Pass Plus exam?

    If you don’t achieve the required 80% pass mark, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam after a short waiting period. It’s important to review the course material and ensure you fully understand the concepts before attempting the exam again.

Unlock your full potential and demonstrate your expertise by enrolling in one of our eligible courses and taking the Pass Plus exam today. Stand out from the crowd and elevate your career with a joint certificate from Coptrz Academy and the CPD Accreditation Service!