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Inspection Package

A powerful and rugged UAV Solution for Industrial Inspections including everything you'll need to get the most from your UAV

Your Eye in the Sky

The Parrot ANAFI USA is an ultra-portable and rugged UAV designed for organisations that need a powerful aerial UAV solution

As well as the Aircraft you’ll get a Controller, Batteries, USB Charger and Accessories all inside a Tough Carry Case with removable security sticker.



Full Training so you can fly with confidence

Basics of Aerial Thermography Online Training Course

Understand how to use your Thermal Imaging Sensor, interpret the data and utlilise the technology to make strategic decisions.

Specialist Handover Training at Coptrz HQ

Spend the day at our Headquarters going through the applications, operation and maintenance of your new drone and get set-up for success.

Store, Analyse and Share your drone data

AIVA Software Subscription

AIVA is cloud-based and fully scalable, the software allows you to easily organise your new and existing image data. Just pinpoint areas that need attention and share the information easily across platforms with anyone you choose.

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AIVA Inspection Software

Protect your drone from any damage

24-month Warranty

Each Parrot drone comes with 12-months Warranty but as part of your package with Coptrz we’ll extend this to 24-months. The 24-month warranty covers the drone for any faults that are not related to accidental damage.

Premium support for 12-months

Industry expert training and advice

Each Parrot drone comes with 12-month service, just like a car to keep it running in top condition you’re going to need a check-up at 12-months. Send your drone in free of charge and we’ll provide a full service including Visual Inspection, Firmware update, Compass / IMU Calibration and deliver it back to you including a report on recommendation for any parts to preserve the life of the drone.

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All of the above for £9,490 + Vat

Payment plans available

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