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Live Webinar: Why you need the WingtraOne to collect survey-grade data 80% faster


Thinking about making changes to your survey workflows to improve data quality and speed of collection? You’re not the only one. Organisations like Costain, Jacobs and Bam have been working with drone technology for years and have experienced huge benefits to business efficiency, data quality, improved safety and reduced costings.

If you’ve been looking at drone technology and in particular the benefits of fixed-wing drones over multi-rotor then you’ll have heard of the WingtraOne VTOL system. Known for its unique vertical take-off, unrivalled data quality,55-minute flight time and ability to fly fully autonomously!

Industry expert James Pick will be taking an in-depth look at the WingtraOne VTOL system and exploring its uses in Surveying and mapping.

If you’re interested or at least curious about this industry-leading fixed-wing drone then join the live webinar on 2nd February.

P.s Can’t make the date? Save your seat anyway and we’ll make sure you get the recording.


WingtraOne Fixed Wing Drone

We’ll be answering your all-important questions live:

✓ What are the benefits of a fixed-wing drone over a multi-rotor drone?

✓ What are the unique features of the WingtraOne that make it better than other fixed-wing drones?

✓  How does the WingtraOne operate autonomously?

✓  How accurate is the WingtraOne?

✓  Who is using the WingtraOne currently?

✓  Show me some data sample collected by the WingtraOne

✓  Is the WingtraOne suitable for surveying large areas of land?

✓  Ending with a live Q&A with James – ask him anything

Get ready to fast-track your fixed-wing knowledge and get all the stats and facts before you decide to explore adding a WingtraOne system to your survey workflows.


Meet your host, James Pick

As a surveyor by trade James knows the importance of making strategic decisions that ensure your organisation is achieving survey-grade data for your projects. Every organisation is unique and that’s why it’s important that your drone solution is too.

With James’ industry experience he can create the perfect drone solution with everything you need from hardware to training so you can hit the ground running. James has already helped hundreds of organisations such as Costain, Buckingham’s Group, Murphy  Surveys, Jacobs and Amery Construction to adopt drone technology.

You can’t afford to miss this if you work in:

✓  Surveying & Construction
✓ Mapping
✓ Precision Agriculture
✓ Mining
✓ Environmental



Coptrz UAV Strategist James Pick