LIVE WEBINAR: Drone Lidar Solutions | COPTRZ

Drone Lidar Solutions with the UK’s industry-leading expert James Pick

Wednesday 4th November, 2pm BST

Join our Industry Drone Surveying expert James Pick to find out how you can introduce Lidar to your drone surveys. In this live interactive webinar you’ll have the chance to network with other surveyors, ask James questions and learn the steps required to introduce a Lidar Solution to your organisation.

What’s included?

• Introduction to the benefits of Lidar in different sectors

• Coptrz Partners; LiDAR USA and DJI’s solutions incuding the new Zenmuse L1 with Matrice 300 RTK

• How is the surveying industry currently adopting Lidar into their survey workflows

• Ending with a live interactive Q&A with James, ask him anything about Lidar technology

If you’re thinking about investing in aerial Lidar for your survey business then make sure that you join this webinar first.