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LIVE Webinar: Do you need drone insurance in the UK? Coverdrone’s top tips

What’s the deal with drone insurance? Do you need it? What does it cover? Will you get taken to the cleaners by your insurance company if your drone gets damaged or stolen? We get questions like these every day, so to set the record straight we’ve bought in the big guns!

Coverdrone‘s Daniel Dodd will be joining our experts Steve Blair and Danny Wilson for a 45-minute webinar where they’ll delve into the details of drone insurance and how to get the best policy for you. We’ll be bringing you top tips and tricks, things to consider before buying insurance and even some crazy claim stories.

Coverdrone offers bespoke protection for commercial and recreational operators, including full cover whilst in flight, aviation liability, data protection and invasion of privacy, plus many other additional features. Don’t miss out on the chance to ask your own questions in the live Q&A, save your seat now.


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What you’ll learn on the webinar:

Who are Coverdrone and what do they offer

What insurance is right for you and your business

How much is drone insurance going to cost you

The best ways to save on drone insurance

Top tips from Coverdrone

Things to consider before signing on the dotted line

At the end, we’ll run a live Q&A where you can ask us anything!

Coverdrone have a front-row seat into all the weird, wonderful and innovative use cases for drone technology, and Daniel will be sharing some of the craziest claims they ever had to handle! Think you can guess what some of them might be?

With so many varying policies out there, it can be difficult to know what type of insurance is right for you. You might think that insurance for your drone is unnecessary — but is that the case? If you’re thinking of buying a drone, or if you already have a drone strategy in place, this is a masterclass you won’t want to miss!

You can't afford to miss this webinar if...

Your business already uses drone technology

Do you have the right insurance in place for your business? Tune in to find out.

You're considering adopting drone technology into your workflows

Don’t let unexpected costs surprise you. Find out how much your full drone solution is likely going to cost you.

You're an entrepreneur and disruptor looking for a new challenge

Why not start your very own drone service provider business? You’re going to need some insurance for that.

Steve Blair coptrz

Steve Blair

“My team and I have helped thousands of businesses adopt drone technology into their workflows, and insurance is something we get asked about every time. And to no surprise, it’s essential! Whether you’re operating drones in the surveying, inspection, public safety, or media sectors, we’ve got a specialist on hand to help you choose the best end-to-end solution.”

Daniel Dodd

“I have been with Coverdrone, a specialist provider of commercial and recreational insurance policies, for 10 years and have a wealth of experience working with clients, underwriters, brokers and key stakeholders in the industry to provide the most comprehensive and cost-efficient insurance solutions within the UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand”

Daniel Dodd Coverdrone

Danny Wilson Coptrz

Danny Wilson

“Hi, I’m Danny and I’m a UAV Strategist at Coptrz. I’m here to help business start-ups just like you to move from sitting on the fence to running fully-fledged drone businesses with steady clients in a range of sectors. Whether you’re wondering what training you’ll need and what drone will suit you best, or you already have an application in mind and are ready to take off in the exciting world of drones, I’m here to help you succeed.”

🕒  THURS 21ST OCT // 10.00AM BST