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For a limited time only, Coptrz are offering free GVC course content online to UK Emergency Services and Search & Rescue organisations.

As part of our commitment to supporting UK Emergency Services, we created this exclusive deal to make officer and team member training more accessible than ever before. COPTRZ aim to set a national standard for Emergency Services organisations to ensure that operators are working both safely and efficiently.

The General Visual Line of Sight, or GVC, is the qualification required in the UK to apply to the Civil Aviation Authority for an operational authorisation to fly unmanned aircraft in the Specific Category. 

With the GVC qualification, you’ll be able to fly aircraft up to 25kg in built-up areas safely and legally.

After completing your course, you’ll be eligible for our discounted test rate, with both the theory and flight tests costing just £247.excl. VAT.

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Ending 31st August 2022


The Coptrz GVC Conversion Course has been tailored for those who have already obtained their PfCO qualification, and are looking to convert it to a GVC under the new EU regulations.

Operators that convert their PfCO into a GVC will then be able to apply to the CAA for an operational authorisation. This replaces the PfCO as part from 31st December 2020.

All operators that currently hold a PfCO must convert via the GVC Conversion Course before January 1st 2024.

For a limited time only, we are offering our Coptrz PfCO to GVC conversion course to UK emergency services for just £147 per person excl. VAT.

Offer applies to forces or organisations looking to convert a minimum of three qualifications over.

Form submissions must be completed with a work email address.

Ending 31st August 2022


Danny Wilson

UAV Strategist – Public Sector

With an in-depth knowledge of business development and growth management, Danny has helped companies go from zero drone experience to full adopters.

“Adopting drone technology can be difficult, especially in an industry with little-to-no information on how to get the best return on investment.

Having worked alongside organisations such as Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue, Cambridgeshire Police and Kent Search & Rescue I’m sure that I can get you up, operational, and see the benefits of drone technology” – Danny Wilson P:07908262799

Danny Wilson