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Common questions about Coptrz Academy

Click the learning tab, then “all courses”, explore our course library. Here you will be able to enter any free courses, and pay for any premium courses you wish to do.

We offer over 100 drone specific courses covering models, payloads,
use cases, technology, and drone safety. We also offer a range of holistic courses covering: finance, career progression, communication and presentation skills, customer service, cyber security, digital skills and IT, management skills, teambuilding, and wellbeing.

Click on the “learning” tab, then go to “my learning”. Here you will see all your currently enrolled courses at the top, and your completed learning below.

If a course requires submissions,
such as the A2 CofC, this will be indicated
at the appropriate point in the course. A link will be provided for you to upload to the platform. To see the results of any marked submissions, go to “Learning”, then click the “submissions” tab, using the drop down menu select the course and click “search”

Courses are recommended to you by the AI, this becomes more accurate if you complete your profile, and rate your skills.

To reset your password click your initials or profile picture on the top left of the homepage. This will give you a drop down menu, select “change password” and follow the instructions.

Pathways can be created by you, based on the learning journey you feel you need to take, or you can use one of our Coptrz Academy pathways. For Coptrz pathways: Go to the pathways tab and click Coptrz pathways, choose the one you want to do, and click the blue “start pathway” button.

Complete the psychometric assessment to discover your learning style, and rate your skills – these can be found under “my profile” on the right hand side of the banner. Make sure you have completed your profile bio – click your initials or profile picture on the top right, then click “my profile” to find this.

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