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Share your breakthrough drone success

We’re looking for engaging stories that encourage professionals like you to succeed. We want to hear your story, not Coptrz’s, so tell us about:

  • A defining success moment in your drone journey
  • Any challenges you faced or learnings that led you to victory
  • What advice you’d give to motivate others to achieve their goals

Share your moment for the chance to inspire your community, raise your company’s profile, and win a £100 Amazon voucher.

How to enter

  • Write or record a short but captivating rundown of your breakthrough business moment
  • Submit your entry using the form by clicking ‘Share Your Success’
  • If your story is one of our favorites, a member of the Coptrz team will be in touch

We're Excited to Hear Your Unique Story

We want to hear your story, not ours, so try not to centre it around Coptrz.

Choose Your Preferred Submission Format

Feel free to record your entry or put it in writing. Video entries should be under one minute, and voice note entries below two minutes. Written entries should be under 400 words and sent as Microsoft Word, Notes or PDF files or as Google Doc links. Please ensure all files are under 10MB.

Celebrating Winners

Remember, we’ll promote the winning entries on our online channels, including our website, social media and marketing channels.

Some do’s and don’ts

Keep these handy tips in mind to optimise your submission and increase your chance of success.

  • Tell us what drone(s) you use
  • Tell us what challenge(s) you were facing
  • Tell us how you overcame your challenges with the help of drones
  • Tell us what drone you’d like to try next! 


To enter, follow the instructions in the form embedded above, fill in the boxes and submit your entry as a video, voice note or written story.

Currently, here is no submission deadline for this competition. However, the sooner you submit, the sooner we can get back to you about your prize.

If you are a winner, our team will be in touch within 10-14 working days of your submission. We will likely contact you via email, so be sure to check spam! 

Entrants must not be Coptrz employees or relatives of Coptrz employees.

The submission can take the form of:

  1. A short video, no longer than one minute and no larger than 300MB

  2. A voice note, no longer than two minutes and no larger than 100MB

  3. A piece of writing, no longer than 400 words and no larger than 10MB. Please send written entries as Microsoft Word, Notes or PDF files or as Google Doc links.

Once you have submitted, our team will always try to get in touch with 10-14 working days with some more information and your voucher.

Before we post anything on our website or social media, you will be contacted for more information and permission to use your content. We will use winning entries for marketing purposes, including our website, social media, and emails. With this content, we will help to raise your company profile.

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