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TQUK Endorsed Drone Courses

Discover the realm of possibilities with our enriched learning platform, as COPTRZ unveils an unparalleled suite of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) courses, now independently endorsed by the prestigious Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). Step into a world where quality education meets industry standards, ensuring you not only thrive in your UAV endeavours but excel with recognised certifications.

Official Recognition By TQUK

Coptrz UAV courses have been officially endorsed by TQUK, a leading UK awarding body. This endorsement accentuates TQUK’s confidence in COPTRZ’s ability to design and deliver top-tier courses within the UAV sector. The endorsement status is a testament to COPTRZ’s consistent adherence to the high standards set forth by TQUK for its training centres.

Every participant who triumphs in completing a course will be awarded a TQUK certification, indicative of their mastery in the specific UAV discipline explored.

Explore Our New Suite of TQUK Endorsed Courses

Dive into a curated array of Level 4 courses aimed at honing your skills and knowledge in various UAV specialisations:

Complete Knowledge of BVLOS and EVLOS

Grasp the intricacies of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) operations.

Health And Safety In The UAV Industry

Embrace the paramountcy of health and safety protocols within the UAV domain.

Project Management of Large Scale UAV Operations

Learn the ropes of managing extensive UAV projects from inception to fruition.

Mastering LiDAR Surveys

Unveil the technology and techniques crucial for LiDAR survey execution.

UAV Surveying Excellence

Immerse in the methodologies and tools essential for UAV surveying prowess.

Utilising UAVs in Construction

Discover how UAVs are revolutionising the construction sector with enhanced efficiency and safety.

Specialist in Multispectral UAVs

Delve into the spectrum of multispectral UAV technologies and their myriad applications.

Thermography Expertise

Explore the fascinating world of thermography through UAV lenses.

Managing Incidents Involving UAVs

Equip yourself with the knowledge to proficiently manage UAV-related incidents.

Risk Monitoring and Inspection Using UAVs

Master the art of utilising UAVs for comprehensive risk monitoring and inspection.

A Milestone in UAV Education

The co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of COPTRZ, Steve Coulson, expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the endorsement of these 10 additional courses significantly augments the stature of the COPTRZ ACADEMY. Coptrz is the first and sole UAV learning hub to receive such a substantial number of endorsements, further enriching our already vast range of UAV courses – the largest collection globally.


TQUK Endorsed Drone Courses are a suite of UAV (Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle) courses offered by Coptrz. These courses are independently endorsed by the prestigious Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), ensuring that students receive quality education that meets industry standards.

These courses ensure that you not only thrive in your UAV endeavours but also excel with recognised certifications, meeting both quality education and industry standards.

Clients have praised Coptrz for offering a professional and thorough service. They appreciate the support provided, especially when completing training packages remotely.

Coptrz provides comprehensive solutions designed to drive efficiency, enhance safety, and deliver significant cost savings. This includes applications like aerial inspections, mapping, and surveillance.

Coptrz’s drone courses are not only of high quality but are also endorsed by TQUK, ensuring that they meet industry standards. This gives students an edge with recognised certifications.

The drone courses offered by Coptrz are independently endorsed by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK).

Coptrz is trusted by over 2,000 clients and has received positive reviews for its professional and thorough service.

With Coptrz, drone technology can offer limitless possibilities for businesses, ranging from aerial inspections to mapping and surveillance. This can drive efficiency, enhance safety, and result in significant cost savings.

By enrolling in the TQUK Endorsed Drone Courses offered by Coptrz, you can equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage drone technology for your business.

Yes, many clients have shared positive feedback about their experience with Coptrz, highlighting the company’s professionalism and support. You can view our reviews here.

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