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ELCAS Funded Drone Training

If you’re ex-military you can use your ELCAS funding to train as a Commercial Drone Operator. Leverage your skills in a growing field with specialised training and certification opportunities.

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Why drones?

The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS) offers ex-military personnel in the UK a unique opportunity to train as Commercial Drone Operators. This scheme assists with course costs leading to nationally recognised qualifications. Drone operation, an increasingly expanding field, requires specialised training in flying skills, safety procedures, and regulatory knowledge. Ex-military individuals can leverage their discipline, attention to detail, and operational skills in this new career. Accredited courses under ELCAS ensure quality training and valid certification. The field provides diverse opportunities, from employment with private companies to entrepreneurship, making it an attractive option for a smooth transition to civilian life.

This could be you!

How army veteran Stu Logan started his drone business

Stu started his drone business with his best mate and fellow veteran, Tom after sadly being made redundant from the military. He shares his story of the ups and downs of building your own business as well as invaluable information for those looking to do the same.

Stu said, “I was thrown into the drone world in about 1998 and I’ve just never looked back on it since!”

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£718.80 inc VAT

If you want to work with bigger, commercial aircraft such as the Matrice 300 RTK or you want to use your drone for fairly complex work then you may need a GVC qualification.

What’s included?

  • GVC General VLOS Certificate
  • OFQUAL 4 Accreditation
  • Flight Test at one of 11 locations across the UK
  • Lifetime Membership to Coptrz Academy
  • Access to the Coptrz Pilot Facebook Community

Classroom courses available £1,078.80


£1198.80 inc VAT

If you want to access work with large organisations and manage multiple pilots and equipment then you’re going to need to upskill. This is where OFQUAL 5 comes in. Learn the skills and acquire the confidence to take on million-pound, large UAV projects that involve more than one pilot.

What’s included?

  • A globally recognised OFQUAL 5 Training Course
  • EVLOS, BVLOS and Planning and Operating in congested areas
  • Lifetime membership to COPTRZ Training Academy
  • Unlock discounts on your Drone Insurance with Moonrock
  • Access to the Coptrz Pilot Facebook Community


Read our FAQ's

The ELCAS scheme is designed to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces with training that will enhance their current or future career. This assistance is in the form of an annual payment in up to three individual years. All training courses must be delivered by an Approved Learning Provider and result in an award of a nationally recognised qualification on the Qualification and Credit Framework (England and Wales).

COPTRZ Training Provider Number is 10710 – Coptrz LTD.

COPTRZ Training Provider Number is 10710 – Coptrz LTD.

The use of drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) requires a particular skillset which armed forces personnel are particularly suited to. As well as following established protocols and assessing risk for each and every mission, familiarity with drone hardware and the ability to assume personal responsibility every time you fly are prerequisites for a successful drone pilot.

All serving and leaving personnel are automatically enrolled for Enhanced Learning Credits. The value of these credits depends on the length of your time in service, and the maximum number of credits you can earn is three. There are two distinct tiers for ELC funding, which depend on the length of your service. Enhanced Learning Credits on the lower tier will be worth £1,000 per year for individual scheme members who have completed not less than six years eligible service, while the upper tier will be worth £2,000 per year for individuals who have completed eight of more years’ service. Only service accumulated since 1st April 2000, may be counted as eligible service for the purpose of the ELC Scheme.

Many members of the Armed Forces begin planning their post-military career a number of years prior to leaving the military, so even if you aren’t planning on leaving just yet, it’s a good idea to start finding out more about ELCAS and what a career in the commercial drone industry could mean for you. Our UAV Strategists can advise on the training and career opportunities using drones within many industry verticals, and how you can best take advantage of these.

To apply for funding head to the ELCAS website:

Drone World The Podcast

From RAF officers to drone business owners: How you can turn your passion into profit

Andy & Jason share how a simple picture on a whiteboard turned into a full-fledged drone business. Today they use their experience from the RAF to offer a range of services from security and inspection to surveying and more. They also share their marketing tips, business advice and their experience winning the first-ever people’s choice award at COPTRZ CON 2021.
Jason says, “Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves over how quickly things have moved. We’ve been going since the end of February, but from where we were to where we are now, it’s been a crazy ride!”

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