COPTRZ | ELIOS 2 Webinar


Watch this short 30-minute webinar with the UK’s leading UAV Strategist on Drones for Inspection.

George Burne will show you how the ELIOS 2 is changing the face of industrial inspection.

ELIOS 2 – The safest inspection drone in the world

This 30-minute webinar includes everything you need to know about the ELIOS 2:

  • • Industries deploying the ELIOS 2
  • • Benefits of the ELIOS 2
  • • Key applications of the ELIOS 2 and it’s key features
  • • ELIOS 2 data sample (recording) from a National Retailor’s Warehouse
  • • ELIOS 2 data sample (recording) from a Culvert Inspection
  • • ELIOS 2 data sample (recording) of two ELIOS drones in a cave system
  • • Customers benefitting from deploying the ELIOS 2 in different sectors
  • • What’s included when choosing Coptrz as your ELIOS supplier