Drone World Podcast | Episode 1 - COPTRZ

Welcome to Drone World, the weekly podcast by Coptrz!

In this episode, host Jamie Cording is joined by Coptrz industry expert George Burne to bring you the first drone coaching episode – How to launch your own asset inspection business with drones.

Jamie asks George for his advice on getting started in the inspection sector, what are the best drones for the job, and we get a sneak peek into what’s coming up within the industry. George says, “It’s that fear of failure, isn’t it. People look at it and go, I don’t know if I can fly a drone. Drones aren’t designed to be flown by experts anymore, they’re designed to be used by industry, knowledgeable people. Most of the guys I know who operate drones and have been really successful, couldn’t give two monkeys about the drone, it’s about the data they collect.”