Drone World Episode 2 - COPTRZ

Welcome to Drone World, the drone podcast by Coptrz!

In this episode, our host’s Kevin Gillespie and Steve Blair discuss the positive uses of drones to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From tracking down missing dogs using thermal cameras to slashing the carbon footprint of online deliveries in Scotland, drones can only be good!

Steve says, “There’s a guy that’s based in Burnley, retired old gent, lovely guy, he bought a drone for a bit of fun. He bought the Parrot Thermal drone from Jamie for a bit of fun really, not to make money or anything. He was just flying it around, and he’s got a path behind his garden where people walk their dogs all the time, like a farmers field. Well, quite regularly he saw signs up in the field ‘missing dog’, he was thinking “Quite a lot of dogs go missing here?”. Off his own back, completely voluntarily, he started flying this drone up, searching with the thermal camera, and finding people’s dogs!”

To hear this and more drones for good stories, tune in to this episode of Drone World.