Drone Regulations 2021 ebook download - COPTRZ


Confused about the changes to the UK Drone Regulations? Unsure of the difference between the GVC and A2 CofC?

Fear not! Coptrz have got you covered with everything you need to know in our comprehensive Drone Regulations Guide for 2021.

In the guide, you will learn about:

✓ Access to our ‘Drones for Dummies’ Webinar which includes a Q&A with our industry experts on the new regulations

✓ The different categories (open, specific and certified)

✓ The flight risk assessments changes that will come into effect

✓ What qualifications and training you may need

✓ What the new drone laws mean for you if you’re already a commercial pilot

✓ What the new drone registration process looks like and what you will need to do to comply

✓ How Coptrz can support you through the new drone regulation changes

✓ Why the drone regulations are changing