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Drone Insurance for Commerical Pilots

Moonrock offers the drone industry top-notch and acclaimed policies. Created in collaboration with prominent, A-rated underwriters, Moonrock provides the most comprehensive drone insurance available in the market.

Uk Drone Insurance

We are excited to introduce Moonrock insurance in partnership with Coptrz for drone enthusiasts and professionals in the UK.

Moonrock’s outstanding insurance policies cater to both commercial and recreational drone users, setting the industry standard. You can choose from a variety of flexible policy durations, spanning from a single day to a full year, and everything in between. Purchasing your coverage is convenient and hassle-free.

Drone Insurance Policies

Public Liability

From £1 million to £10 million public liability cover depending on your needs (basic to bespoke cover)This includes:

Invasion of Privacy - The first drone insurance policy to cover this essential need for all pilots

Breach of Data Protection Act

Sub-contractors use of drones (subject to them holding the same PL limit)

Public liability cover worldwide for UK policyholders

Material Damage

We cover all personally owned and hired-in equipment*This includes:

Personally owned and hired-in equipment

While in storage

In transit and in flight

Accidental damage

*Equipment includes accessories designed specifically for use with drones, e.g. equipment for filming, scanning, mapping, infrared and x-ray, including software.

All Policies Include

Cyber-attack, i.e. resulting from someone taking control of the drone whilst in flight – the first drone insurance policy to offer this

Alternative hire costs

Continuing hire charges

Reinstatement of electronic data

Theft of drone and/or its accessories

Storm and flood damage

Damages occurring worldwide for UK policy holders

The ability to insure up to 10 pilots per policy

Use over hazardous premises

Covers multiple drones per pilot (up to value of material damage value)

Night Flights

Fully compliant with EC 785/2004


Legally, the insurance obligations vary depending on whether you fall into the category of a commercial or recreational drone user.

For commercial users, specific insurance regulations apply. In contrast, if you operate your drone for recreational purposes, these insurance requirements do not come into play.

Commercial drone pilots are obligated to adhere to regulation EC785/2004, which mandates the presence of minimum levels of third-party insurance. This coverage encompasses both public liability and aviation-specific liability.


With Moonrock, you can expect at least public liability insurance as part of your coverage.

While insurance is not compulsory for recreational drone users, Moonrock extends its offerings to include equipment protection alongside public liability insurance. This means that Moonrock safeguards your drone and various equipment, including items like laptops, tablets, and chargers, whether they are in storage, in transit, or actively being used on location.

The price of drone insurance is determined by factors such as the coverage type, policy duration, and the specific drone being insured. To get a quote for the coverage you need, please enquire with us.

Moonrock provides insurance options for most types of drones. Feel free to reach out to a Moonrock team member to inquire about the coverage eligibility for your specific drone.

In the UK, a commercial drone operator is required to have, at the very least, public liability insurance to safeguard against legal responsibility for damage to third-party property or injuries while operating a drone.

Yes, simply fill out a Bespoke enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you right away.

Yes, you can buy Moonrock’s flight assessment cover just for your flight test. When you upgrade to their annual policy, they will reimburse you the full amount of your flight assessment cover, so there is no extra cost for your drone cover.

Yes, all of Moonrock’s annual drone policies provide cover for using your drone in all countries worldwide. You must also check and ensure you are flying within the regulatory framework of the local aviation authority.

Am I covered for theft?

Yes, all insured drones and ancillary equipment, such as cameras, batteries, Ipads, etc are covered against theft.

Yes, with Moonrock’s extensive drone insurance covers you against both.

All of Moonrock’s policies comply with Regulation (EC) 785/2004 and include war risk insurance, as required by the CAA. Commercial drone insurance in the UK is only legal if it is compliant with (EC) 785/2004, including cover for acts of war, terrorism, hijacking, acts of sabotage, unlawful seizure of aircraft and civil commotion. Please note that not all drone public liability insurance includes this.

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