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We are the first to offer a specialised Drone Auditing service for you and your business

You already know about the potential of drone technology. You’ve taken the leap of faith and introduced it into your workflows. Why not take the time to ensure your investment is performing as well as it should be?

Our technology enabled audit offers a perfect blend of people and technology: Delivering exceptional quality, saving you time and giving you deeper insights into the use of drone technology within your organisation. Using independent auditors assures that your UAV operations are audited in an unbiased way and therefore any risk of internal bias is also removed.

We take the time to guide you through the on-going process of identifying areas where the innovation of drone technology makes sense. Together, we will adapt your processes, controls and structures and then analyse the data for an impactful audit.

Once an audit date is booked, you will be sent a series of pre-audit questions to be completed ahead of the on-site audit. This will help ensure that you get maximum value from the audit. Dependent on the location(s) and size of your UAV operation the audit usually takes between 1-2 days on site, followed by a full written report with actionable insights and recommendations.


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“The audit has enabled us to grasp where we sit in the industry, and look at how we are performing as a company. To have a benchmark of a professional coming in and report that we are conducting safely as per your ops manual – we are extremely happy with what we are doing. It gives us the confidence to move forward and build on the steps that have been recommended to us. Having an external body come in and look at what we are doing, as opposed to doing it ourselves, was really important for us in looking at how we can improve in the future." Duncan Turner, UAV Team Leader

The 7 Pillars of the Coptrz Drone Audit – A Drone Healthcheck for your organisation 

What will you get out of choosing to perform your drone audit with Coptrz?

✓ Ensure your UAV operations are safe and compliant

✓ In-depth report into your UAV operations

✓ You’ll receive a generated manned aviation report

✓ Lower risk to the organisation and show best practice

✓ Help to raise your operational standards

✓ Independent auditing for peace of mind

Who is Coptrz Drone Audit for?

Coptrz Drone Auditing service is for any organisation that has chosen to invest significant funds into a bespoke or packaged drone solution from one of our partners; DJI, Wingtra, Phase One or LiDAR USA.

Which Drone Solutions have Drone Audit included?

✓ DJI Phantom 4 RTK, DJI Matrice 300 RTK with Zenmuse Series (H20 Series, P1, L1 and Phase One iXM 100), DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

✓ Wingtra PPK Fixed-Wing VTOL System

✓ Flyability ELIOS 2

✓ Parrot ANAFI USA

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