DJI M30 Series | COPTRZ

The DJI M30 Series is designed specifically for everyday heroes. The M30 & M30T encompass the power and performance of the DJI Matrice 300 RTK into a Mavic style frame, increasing portability & practicality for everyday users. The Matrice 30 Series helps operators gather high-quality data without the need for a heavy, multi-payload drone.

The Matrice 30 Series consolidates four sensors into a singular fixed payload, making missions easier and more accessible than ever.

Operate the Matrice 30 Series using the all-new DJI Pilot 2, a revamped enterprise flight interface built to increase piloting efficiency and safety.


Matrice 30 series drones are available in two versions, the M30 and M30T.
The M30 integrates a 48 megapixel 1/2″ CMOS sensor zoom camera with 200x digital zoom (5x to 16x optical), a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera, with sensors shooting 8K photographs and 4K video at 30fps, and a laser range finder with an operational envelope of up to 1,200 metres.
With the M30T model, you’ll also get a 640 x 512px radiometric thermal camera @ 30hz built into the same fixed payload.

DJI M30 Coptrz


∙ 41-minute flight time
∙ 15 m/s wind resistance & 23 m/s max speed
∙ Fly in temperatures ranging from -20° C~50° C.
∙ IP55 rating for increased protection against adverse weather
∙ Bolster connection with DJI Cellular Module (4G transmission)
∙ Enhanced transmission through four built-in antennas supporting OcuSync 3 Enterprise


Lightweight design only weighing approximately 3770 grams
Space for future external payloads with up to 685 grams of payload capacity
Reduce down-time with new hot-swappable self-heating TB30 batteries
Three-propeller emergency landing giving increased redundancy
Re-invented self-locking arms can be clicked into place
All-new BS30 smart charging case allows room for up to 8x TB30 batteries and 2x RC plus batteries to charge simultaneously


The DJI Matrice 30 series drones launch alongside an all-new smart controller, the DJI RC Plus

Tailor-made for Enterprise users, the DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch widescreen with a dual-control mode.

With an IP54 rating, the RC Plus is DJI’s first weatherproof remote controller, making it suitable for operation in heavy rain.

Cover larger areas with stable video transmission and removable dual-antennas

Enhance connectivity using the DJI Cellular Module for added 4G support

Experience 6 hours of battery life through the RC Plus’ internal and external battery configuration.

Hot -swap RC Plus’ external controller batteries for uninterrupted flight operations.