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Unleash your creativity with Inspire 3 – the sleek and aerodynamic 8K camera drone crafted for professional aerial cinematography. Discover unprecedented workflow efficiency, camera language, and creative freedom, meet unmatched efficiency and artistic liberty.


Maximise the potential of any shot and master the unseen

Inspire 3 Main Features

8k video

Zenmuse X9-8K Air Camera

Discover the power of an all-in-one cinema drone featuring a cutting-edge 8K full-frame imaging system, featuring the Zenmuse X9-8K Air camera module. Capture stunning 8K videos at a smooth 75fps in Apple ProRes RAW for unparalleled visual brilliance.

1/1.8" sensor

1/1.8" Wide Angle Sensor

Experience the 1/1.8" sensor super wide-angle FPV camera with a 161° ultra-wide field of view, boasting superior low light performance for breathtaking visuals, no matter the conditions.


360° Pan and Tilt

Embracing the iconic transformable design of the Inspire series, the Inspire 3 takes innovation to new heights with a cutting-edge design supporting 360° Pan and Tilt Boost structures. Enjoy obstruction-free, 80° upward-angle shooting when the landing gear is lowered, empowering filmmakers to capture groundbreaking visuals. With a blazing 94 kph max horizontal speed and an enhanced 10m/s dive speed, get the ultimate aerial experience.


28-minute Flight Time

Experience extended flight time with dual TB51 intelligent batteries, charging two batteries to 90% in just 35 minutes. Soar through the skies for an impressive 28 minutes, making every moment count in your aerial adventures.


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Waypoint Pro

Specifically created for airborne filmmaking, Waypoint Pro offers advanced flight-path and shot planning capabilities, complete with an extensive selection of personalised settings. Experience cutting-edge automated filming with the introduction of Repeatable Routes and 3D Dolly modes. Moreover, RTK centimeter-precision positioning guarantees heightened accuracy in flight-path planning and implementation. Utilise Waypoint Pro to expertly navigate complex scenes, whether working independently or as part of a professional team.

3D Dolly

The 3D Dolly feature emulates the functionality of cranes, cable-cams, or dollies on movie sets while surpassing the constraints of the equipment. Once a flight path is planned, the cinematographer can manually manoeuvre the drone along the route in either direction while modifying parameters like speed, gimbal angle, and more to suit the requirements of the shot. This approach simplifies complex, cinema-quality camera movements, boosting efficiency and enhancing visual effects.

Repeatable Routes

With Repeatable Routes, the drone autonomously navigates the designated path, consistently maintaining pre-established factors such as altitude, speed, gimbal angle, and camera configurations. This feature empowers filmmakers to seamlessly execute challenging one-takes or capture extended time-lapses at various times in the same location, showcasing transitions like day turning into night or seasonal shifts.

Spotlight Pro

Enhanced from the Inspire 2, Spotlight Pro expands the range of shot opportunities for individual creators. Leveraging advanced machine-learning algorithms, the Inspire 3 provides superior automated subject recognition and tracking for people, vehicles, and boats, surpassing the accuracy of its predecessor.


In Spotlight Pro’s Follow mode, both the drone and gimbal camera are aligned in the same direction, maintaining a lock on the subject. This allows the pilot to capture smooth circling shots without needing to make manual framing adjustments.


In Free mode, the Inspire 3’s 360° gimbal pan allows the gimbal camera to remain fixed on a subject. A solo pilot can utilize the FPV camera to monitor their surroundings and adjust the flight path responsively, enabling the execution of intricate camera movements with greater ease.

8K Video

8K delivers incredibly high-resolution aerial footage, capturing lifelike textures akin to what the human eye perceives, and offering striking clarity when showcased on bigger screens. RAW takes full advantage of the X9-8K Air’s sensor, supplying ample room for visual effects and colour adjustments.

DJI’s lightest full-frame three-axis gimbal camera, the X9-8K Air, is specially designed for Inspire 3 to elevate drone filmmaking. It includes DJI’s newest image processing system, CineCore 3.0, which supports internal recording of up to 8K/25fps CinemaDNG video [9] and 8K/75fps [10] Apple ProRes RAW video [9]. This meets the demands of high-end film and TV productions.


DL Mount Lenses

Drawing from DJI’s exclusive DL mount lineage, the X9-8K Air is compatible with an added 18mm F2.8 full-frame ultra-wide lens and a forthcoming telephoto lens, in addition to the existing full-frame DL 24/35/50mm F2.8 lens options. All five lenses are specifically tailored for aerial cinematography. Constructed with lightweight, monocoque carbon fiber housings, the lightest lens weighs a mere 178g, fulfilling Inspire 3’s demand for exceptional agility.


Inspire 3 Lenses

Independent Links for Dual Control

The dual-control experience of Inspire 3 has been considerably enhanced compared to its predecessor. Two remote controllers can independently receive live feeds and control the drone, enabling the pilot and gimbal operator to be situated at separate locations on set. This overcomes Inspire 2’s constraint of linking primary and secondary controls.

In the event that the pilot loses the aircraft signal, the gimbal operator now has the ability to assume control of the drone, ensuring a safe return to home or direct landing.


Dual control

Storage and Transitions

The redesigned trolley case features an extendable handle, two side handles, and four 360-degree-swivel wheels, simplifying transitions and transport. For added security, it includes two numbered locks. The expertly crafted case can accommodate one aircraft, one X9-8K Air gimbal camera, two RC Plus remote controllers, four lenses, twelve batteries, two battery charging hubs, three propeller sets, and more. The new foldable quick-release propellers are easy to store and eliminate the need for re-installation before each flight.


Storage and Transitions

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