Digital Careers Fair: ELCAS Credits - COPTRZ

If you’re ex-military, you can use your ELCAS funding to retrain as a Commercial Drone Operator. You’ll know by now that the job opportunities as a drone pilot are growing every year, but how do you use these credits and what sector is the right fit for you? Join Pete, our very own ex-military __ as he talks you through how to use your ELCAS credits to retrain as a successful drone pilot.

At the end, Pete will run through your questions in a live Q&A.


Find out the answers to questions like:

✓ What is ELCAS and how do I know if I have them?

✓ How much can a drone pilot earn?

✓ What different job roles are available to me as a drone pilot?

✓ What course can I do with ELCAS credits?

✓ Why would I want a career operating drones?

Meet your host, Peter Taylor

Drone technology is growing every day, COPTRZ has realised that the demand from the Real Estate sector is growing too. Peter joined COPTRZ in 2020 as our in-house UAV expert for the Property and Real Estate markets and is proud to be able to support ex-servicemen and women looking for a rewarding career after servicing in the military. His background in the commercial property sector and workplace fit-out means that Peter’s knowledge of the industry is invaluable at COPTRZ. Peter understands the uses of drones across all parts of the industry from marketing all the way through to construction. While being at COPTRZ, Peter has already helped provide drone solutions for the likes of KIER.

Pete also served in the army from the age of 18 originally joining as an ammunition technician in the RLC before being selected from the ranks to attend Sandhurst and become an officer.