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Want to start a Drone Photography Business?

To succeed you’re going to need the right equipment, training, advice and ongoing support to kickstart your business on the right track.

Who better to advise and train you than someone who has been there and done it!

The Ultimate Drone Photography Package was developed by British Explorer, content creator and adventurer, Daniel Hughes.

Daniel completed seven years in the British SAS Reserves, has delivered the worlds highest video broadcast to the BBC on the summit of Mount Everest, cycled for GB and continues to travel the world finding and capturing the most extraordinary places on earth.

Catch up with Daniel Hughes and Jamie Cording in our webinar recording, to hear his fascinating story…


Catch up with Daniel in our Latest Webinar

Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes is an Ambassador for Coptrz Academy where he gets all of his drone training including the PfCO with OFQUAL 4 Accreditation and OFQUAL 5 Award for Chief Pilots.

For Daniel, it’s imperative that he’s trained to a high standard so that brands around the world recognise and respect him as a serious Commercial Drone Photographer.

The Daniel Hughes partnership with Coptrz has developed the ultimate course for budding Commercial Drone Photographers – it combines all of the tech, tools and teaching to become an absolute talent at Drone Photography.


Training & Qualifications

✓ General “Visual Line of Sight” Certificate (GVC)

✓ OFQUAL 4 Certificate

✓ A2 COFC included

✓ Lifetime access to Coptrz Academy

✓ First Annual Ops Manual review

✓ Access to the Coptrz Drone Pilot Facebook Community

Drone & Accessories

✓ Mavic 2 Pro Drone with Smart Controller

✓ 20 Megapixel Hasselblad c/w 1” CMOS sensor

✓ Mavic 2 Flymore Kit: 2 extra batteries, shoulder carry case, full replacement prop set, car charger 12 V, 4 battery charging hub 12 V)

✓ Peak Design Duffel Bag

✓ Daniel Hughes pre-set filters for Lightroom

✓ DJI ND Filters set of 4


Upon purchasing The Ultimate Drone Photography, you will receive an invite for a one-to-one, one hour call with Daniel Hughes himself!

£3,195 + Vat

*Finance packages available



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