Complete Inspection Package | Coptrz

If you’re ready to gain a competitive advantage, cut your operational costs and get instant ROI then this package is for you.

The Industry-leading Inspection Package includes everything you need including a Matrice 200 V2 drone, a Z30 camera, four extra TB55 batteries, a CAA drone training course, a PiX4D 2-day training course, 3-month licence for AIVA inspection software, a pilot safety kit and most importantly ongoing support to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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George Burne, Business Development Manager – Inspection

MATRICE 200 V2 & Z30 Camera

An M200 V2 with Z30 Camera and four extra TB55 batteries


A three day CAA Drone Training Course at one of our 11 training facilities around the UK to gain your PfCO / GVC


A two day PiX4D Training course at our training facility in Leeds and a one-month licence for Pix4Dmapper


A full flight safety kit with the essential items needed to operate safely. Kit inside a heavy-duty holdall bag. 

£7,995 + vat